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    Xsyon on Mac (unofficial)

    Hi !

    I tested Xsyon on Imac late 2013 and Mac Pro.
    It is not official supported.
    Crossover have no automatic install for Xsyon at the moment,
    so i found a little trick to install all the necessary software needed to run Xsyon.

    What you have to do.

    1.) Try or buy Crossover

    2.) Install the game perpetuum with one click on the link Install perpetuum via CrossTie
    Here is the link:

    3.) DirectX, Steam and other software installs run automatically, just press yes.

    4.) After a while steam starts, login with your steam account,
    if your prompted to install the game perpetuum DO NOT.

    5.) Installl Xsyon with steam and start it.
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