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It was the year 2014, two years after the Apocolypse. Survivors had banded together to form tribes more akin to roving gangs than anything else. Yet aside from these many survivors ran around just trying to survive amid the chaos. The surviving gang groups constantly killed over whatever primary resources they found to be available dwindling the human populace even more. To this date the most valuable resources where water and food. Anything lying around could be a weapon and rudimentary shelters where everywhere.

Here was Jonathan Corvinus a man who was with a group of non-violent survivors who had been taken as a form of scavenging slave force. In exchange for doing whatever manual labor was called of them these types of people where given the resources of food, water and shelter. Jonathan was once a Administrative worker for the chain of Restaurants known as Wendy's and had a lot of wealth once upon a time now however he only cared for surviving. He was the one who used his recipe of chili for the chain of restaurants and himself was addicted to it. Two years now without being able to eat any of his own addiction left him a broken man he did not care for servitude but he was not willed to fight it and move up in the line of works. Here he was with a few others but even among these servant like life forms everyone fought each-other usually without violence for their own meager table scraps.

It was on this day May 18th of the somber year 2014 that Jonathan Corvinus was with four scavenger and two of the mobile troopers of the gang that he caught the smell of something that he could not turn a blind eye to. Upon the great trash heap that was once New York city things began like any normal day. They would move from the cave under armed guard both to prevent them from running to also kill other forces that walk in on their turf. They began digging through the metal and scraps picking mushrooms and nails and currency's if found. Things that could be useful in any way. The day would have been rather hectic as it was except Jonathan could smell something that made his eyes go bloodshot and pulled him like a cocaine addict. It caught one of the guards attention and he began to follow a little since Jonathan didn't go far. He began digging frantically even ignoring his own physical health is hand tron in the process until suddenly there was the noise of a gunshot and some yelling. The guard returned opening fire with the precious few bullets that remained in the world. For now ammo was the primary currency of the world so using it was even more precious. If they were firing guns then something was definitely going down. Jonathan looked in their direction before suddenly the ground Caved in below him.

He awoke a few hours later to the dark enveloping him. He looked up and could see stars vaguely which told him it was truly night. The fall had rendered him unconscious it was likely the whole group had been killed. He looked around and just by fumbling around in the dark, could tell he was in his old franchise. He couldn't tell what the strange thing in the middle that had caved in the roof originally was it was a smooth long round tube that felt like it was a thick metal.Regardless he found his way to the old freezer. It was still intact although not frozen it was heavily chilled. Here he found what it was he had craved for so long. There was still some gas in the burners so he made himself his own addiction. The flavor was glorious as always only altered a bit. He figured this alteration was due to him preparing it in a seamlessly different manner than it normally would be. He also could not stop eating it. Like an undying hunger born from somewhere else. He cried from at last being reunited with his precious meal. The next morning when he woke up he felt, different. In fact, unannounced to him his mentality was lessened he couldn't speak but he didn't care he had hardly uttered words in the past two years anyway.

There was a reason for why his blood changed differently. There where rumors about his ancestors being the original vampire and werewolves. There was however no mundane evidence to prove this as either fact or fiction. As a hidden branch of this bloodline the Corvinus blood was gifted with immunity to many things but being alterable. The radiation in the chili overwhelmed the brain of Corvinus making the chili in his mind into a hive-like existence. Although there was no central hive mind other than an addiction. This trait is seemingly past on to the other infected. Due to being born as they somehow have a functioning reproductive system, and or through the infected newcomers.

He could see in the dark now like it was normal. He looked at his hands to find them a darkened grey color. In the middle of the Wendy's blown out franchise building was a misfired nuclear bomb that never discharged. He could see a very deep green hue filling the place it was radioactive. He didn't care all he felt was hunger, to give the world his newfound gift. He crawled into the light and found quite a few dead bodies. Unable to control his hunger he divulged upon them dragging the bodies into the Wendy's And feeding them Chili. When he ran out one or two bodies could be sacrificed chopped into meat and made into more. After doing this to a large group they spread into the world with only this amazing chilli on mind and that everything not alike them serving the chili was not a part of the hive. They must be indoctrinated. Or sacrificed to make more chili. Sometimes these foreign creatures carried useful gear that reminded them somehow of something else which they would re-obtain and wear. The living call the Chili indoctrinates the Revanents. They spread across the world in small groups plaguing the living but are more animistic then the living.


Stay tuned for chapter 2 which will be coming shortly.