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    Questions For The Developers 05/12/2013 -->

    Please post your Questions For The Developer here.

    Please do not post questions regarding estimated release dates for features or changes. Our In Development schedule is posted here and will change as our plans changes. Features will be released when they are ready.

    Sarcastic or derogatory comments veiled as questions will not be answered..
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    I have questions combined with feedback from my first days.

    - First of all i'd like to point out that the FAQ link in the other sticky leads nowhere. Can you fix that please?

    - I do understand the goal to get paying customers and the general limitations of the free account to test out things. Would you consider a change regarding placement of a tent at least please?

    Let me elaborate what i mean: Right now each and every 'new/testing' player is basically forced to join an existing tribe to try out some of the features - especially the architecture features who are a big attraction for people. New/testing players dont ever get the feeling they are making their mark at all in the environment beside being able to place a fireplace and remove resources from the game. The concept of sandbox is to do things I want to do - in the testing phase they will have to do what others want. Placing a decorative pole somewhere to mark: I was here isnt working. Putting up a tent while i explore the world as a loner - isnt working. So i feel a lot like a pure slave of others or i have to hide away since everything i own is completely unsafe and i lack any ability to defend myself as a starter of course. To clarifiy my personal intention of this question: I am thorougly testing what i can expect for myself and other potential players to maybe join my future tribe one day. Forcing them right away to make choices that are not in the scope of a new player (lack of knowledge) or making them join a tribe as pure labor force means after my testing so far: leave or adapt to other players wishes and goals. (Sorry for the lenghty explanation but i wanted to make sure my intentions are not misunderstood).

    - Regarding the use of one tool as a substitute for another. Could you make it easier to spot what is eligable substitution please? As a new player its impossible to see/know that a mallet can be used instead of a hammer i.e.

    - Could you introduce a beginner level of the tools shears and saw pls?. As of now those 2 tools are highlevel and require a lenghty process despite the fact that especially shears are used already in the most basic recipies. A sharpened stone was quite normal to be used even in the stone age. Cutting my logs into very rough poles with my axe doesnt require a saw - i think along this line

    - Can you add tooltips to the buttons in the character creation pls? Creating a character without any knowledge of what does what is one of the biggest hurdles for a non experienced player right now. If i have to read a Wiki first to make a simple char i loose interest very quickly as an average player.

    Thank you for taking your time to read all this.
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    Any chance of us being able to move our totems( lift it out without loosing our entire tribe n being forced to reform).
    Any chances of the *radiation areas* being push back a zone to let us explore more?
    Any chances of camp fires actually being brighter? I mean I light one and doesn't really feel like I have one going or heck im up for a new light source that is brighter.
    Whens the last time you slept past 6 hours?
    Do you still plan to do a pve server in the near future?

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    Any plans on having an in game tutorial?

    Can you give us some details on your opinion on what hunting should be like or PVE? Things like basic hunting, risky/dangerous things, rewards, what you expect the world PVE to be like, goals of players you expect them to do?

    Very few items on the distribution table is rare. I know you plan on updating this table with the new recipes, my question is, What are your thoughts on how regional items and rarities of these items should work and how would they promote trading/economy?
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    Can we get a sorting system in the containers that allows for quick stacking like items?
    Can we get some Chat options to increase the font and change the colors for the chat?
    Can we get a Social are sorting for online only to show in Friend and Tribe tabs?
    Can we get a Idea when the Mackinaw fish will at least be stackable?
    Can Hunting be a more gradual skill instead of the almost imposible task as a noob even with focus on str and weapon?
    Can we get a faster decay on the Hundreds of totems that are months old as still there?
    Can we get a cost for someone to plant a totem?
    Can we get a climbing skill so we can chase the fuzzy bunnies up the cliffs?
    Can we make upkeep a requirement on the totems that protect land?
    Can we get the ability to add channels like Alliance chat Fishing Chat Mason chat Tailor Chat Wains Chat and a trade chat would be nice?

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    I for sure thing multiple chats inside of a tribe would be very helpful, speaking from exp, our tribes pretty active and when everyones talking at everyone else its kinda hard to follow the green text you actually are trying to pay attention to. Would be good to even have a tribe1 tribe2 tribe3 channels, have them edit able so we can just call them whatever we want.

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    Is it possible to change the information that a trade totem shows when i look at alley goods on my own trade totem. At the moment the lower window shows no detailed information of ally goods at a distance. I think its good to know this information before i start travel.

    Second question, is it possible to show not only direction and distance for alley goods but also the zone where the trade totem is located. Now i ask my self what will be more fun. Direction and distance so you have to search more or travel to coordinate exact posision.

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    Few questions

    Was wondering if you are going to optimize the game window for triple monitor setups? Right now in triple monitors the zoom function is very zoomed in and cant zoom out.

    Another question is world size, I have seen the world map and it looks awesome and was wondering when the current borders are going to be expanded to mach the world map?

    Is it possible to see tunneling in the game as in mining tunnel?

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    Glorp Here.....

    As i have seen tribes grow and dissapear, one thing has stayed constant...the lack of Saws...i can scavenge for hours and maybe a shovel or pick hed is allocated in the loot roll but saw Blades...My Gawd... The amount of woodworking required to build stuff. Do you really expect the new players and I state the ones that have paid and WANT to stay, to grind toolcraft to a high lvl and then waste Hours in a scav pile to Maybe find 1 saw blade that can be made into a VHQ that will last long nuff? The bigger Tribes are on a sabatical and are not around to buy from...almost every tribe i have talked to is on their last saw and have been grinding the Scav pile with no luck. When will you up the loot tables for Saw blades and will you make them available in Most Scav Piles. I love the Game but this is putting a damper on what we do. How many Home Depot's and Lowe's were there before the Chit hit the fan... Im sure they had plenty of Saws.

    ( pass the fish plz )

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