I wish to offer anyone in Xsyon at any skill level that wishes to participate in a hunt. Mostly this goes out to new players that haven't got a chance to really hunt yet and wish to experience hunting.

I have a few rules if you want to join my hunting party. We stick together, don't die, and have fun. On your first hunt you are just there to get the feel and experience of hunting, it's great fun and laid back. On your second hunt you will be allowed to skin some of the animals parts like the feet or rib bones, leaving the useful skinning to more experienced hunters, this way you get to start gain hunting skill points. Now on your third hunt you come out and get share of the loot which will be properly divided evenly, you will get items you need and sent home with them when you are finished hunting.

I know areas in Xsyon that we can hunt and have a really good time doing it. I notice some players are not able to hunt yet or don't know how and I just wish to offer my help in sharing this great experience in Xsyon. Hunting is not something your going to do every day of the week but it's something that I think everyone should be able to do to break up grinding out your crafting.

For those of you who are interested reply here with your in game name, when you are available to hunt, and if you use voice chat or not as this enhances the experience being on voice chat program together.

Personally I love to go hunting it's one of the most favorite things I like to do in Xsyon, I may not be the most experienced hunter in Xsyon but i'm willing to share what I do know and my experiences with you. So don't be shy come out and join the fun.