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    Tredo's Outfitters Headquarters

    Well well, a few.. ( 8 solid hours with just a few restarts) and I could not be more satisfied with a game at this stage. The game is everything I thought it would be based on the forums, the status updates, and all the hype surrounding the features list. Guys this game is going to be incredible.

    With that said, I will say that crafters / players will be relying on each other a great deal, this is not a game for you to try to solo your way through it. Crafting is great, the idea, the way it works your imagination. However you CAN NOT do it alone. That is why I have built Tredo's Trade Quarry. It is not far from your spawn point, look for the man made road heading up the hill on your right.. that should give you enough hints to find it...I will post the x,y,z later today.

    I think that if the crafters pull resources and work together we can accomplish more then trying to go it alone... not to mention sharing the tools we need will get us further, or help each other make the tools we all need.

    I have started to gather resources and drop in the quarry, I ask if you do look for it, you bring a load of goods with you, drop them in the quarry and share and share alike.

    Let's see what we can make together...


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    Re:Tredo's Trade Quarry...

    Hey man, I wish I would have thought to take a screenshot of it, I lover how you had bi-level dirt walls with dirt ramps up to the walls, Then using logs to make bridges.

    If your in game this weekend, You really need to head over to it before it get's wiped off the server. It by far is the coolest thing made by a player in game so far. Makes your head explode with idea's of what a tribe will be able to do.

    I didn't have time to play much last night, But hope I can find time today after work. Great job tredo, And who ever that may have helped.

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    Re:Tredo's Trade Quarry...

    Great idea Tredo but you might want to wait until after the next big patch in a few days. I suspect everything will be wiped then but after that I am hoping for some stability where we can really start to explore crafting in more depth.

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    Re:Tredo's Trade Quarry...

    aliksteel wrote:

    I didn't have time to play much last night, But hope I can find time today after work. Great job tredo, And who ever that may have helped.

    Thanks... I did it by myself!

    My goal here is to have a place where crafters can gather together, to share ideas, goods, tools, and generally help each other. It will also serve as a place for players to easily find crafters for goods or services.

    Where help is always appreciated, please don't come there to practice making a mess of the goods or area, this is for everyone to benefit from.

    If anyone wants to add to the project a log perimeter around the top of the quarry to help others know where the hole is located is my next step, as falling in it will put you in a bugged state and you will have to relog.


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    Re:Tredo's Trade Quarry...

    you did what by yourself?
    the screenshots?

    why are you wasting precious time?


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    Re:Tredo's Trade Quarry...

    I am working on a new traders HQ... run away from round hill, keep the lake on your left and head down the road...

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