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    Newbie with homestead questions

    Hi all. I just started playing Xsyon today but I am a little confused as to how to start a homestead. Since I am on a free account I know that I can not put down a totem and start a tribe, but is there a way to have "protected" land also? If so, how? Or am I limited to just throwing down some logs somewhere, calling it a house, and hope no one bothers it?

    I've searched through the wiki, but the info on this is not very clear. It mostly encourages players to join a tribe, but I rather learn how to play on my own a bit and see if I enjoy the game before I commit to a tribe or pay money to start my own.

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    As a free player you can not start a tribe which is the only method for obtaining a safe area. The Founders Island area is a no pvp zone which you can safely learn the ropes at but it does not provide safe storage as anyone can access your belongings, only a tribe provides safe item storage.

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    OK, I guess I will have to figure what to do next. Thank you for the help.

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    I suggest joining a tribe, learn the ropes, have some fun and make some friends. Then stake your claim.. =)

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    I'll think about the tribe part. I usually just don't like having to build based on others' rules.

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    By all means don't! But, being in a tribe will teach you the in's and out's of game design. Its more complicated then you think..
    When you have the game under control, start your own tribe and run with it.

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    Playing the game a but more, I found out just how right you are when you say the game is so complicated. It is! I'm blocked from doing most things since I don't have the tools for them, and have no means in making those tools.

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    There is always tools you can make to grind the skill even without tools.
    Grinding a skill will give you recipes.

    You can also trade, or find tools in old areas.

    "Victorious warriors win first and then go to war, while defeated warriors go to war first and then seek to win."

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    I've tried making tools, but found that with most of them I'll have to go far to get all of the items to make them. Anyway, I think I will listen to you all and try to find a tribe. I just came back to find that the basket I left was gone with all my items with it, and I am not sure if this was done by other players or by the game itself deleting it, since I am solo on a freebie account. Either way, I figured that before I rage quit, I should at least try the tribe option.

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    If it was gone, more than likely a player destroyed it or took everything, including the basket.

    I would suggest getting in a tribe and working on the crafts you are wanting to try out and get a feel for.

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