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    *Hanya* is a ~Thief~ looking for a new tribe

    Had hanya join our tribe (Red Legion) and stole a bunch of stuff. Nothing insanely valuable, however it seems like dirt was important to this person since they left with 500+ of our dirt along with some minor currency and tools from the sorting bins.

    She/He was removed from the tribe last night when one of our tribe chiefs found he/she digging holes under our ramps and in the way of doorways, made excuse's about just flattening the land and that they wherent really doing anything, when they had been cought red handed, so it became pretty obvious who stole our dirt and supplys at this point so she/he was removed from the tribe.

    Not that the dirt was valuable, or the saws or currency, but it was something we needed to use for our walls, so it was something a couple of us spent time mine'n so we could complete our walls. So the upset is more the fact that it happend and we got to spend more time collecting more and how there is random holes across half our base that needs to be filled in now, being our biggest problems, rather then any hurt of our pocket books.

    I figured this should become public knolage that there is someone out there transporting supplys back to their own area when they join the a tribe. People should know about someone who is only going to join a tribe to theif their equipment, supplys, farm and grief them by digging holes where we have been leveling. I'd highly suggest not letting this person join your tribe for the above reasons; this person is not trustable in any shape or form.

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    i would recommend everyone setting a probation level tribe member on your totem pole so that they can only access predefined things until you get to know them more.

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