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    Suggestion Thread that is never looked at by Dev team.

    Here it is June 2013 and there has been over 30 pages of Features added to the Suggestion thread and only 2 have been moved from the suggested Area. One was implemented but only because it was already scheduled feature one was accepted but not implemented yet but all the rest of the posts go without even being Acknowledged. I think the Dev Team needs to dedicate a little more attention to the community in this regard.


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    Hello Frosty,

    The Team is not so big to implement most of suggestions players post. We have a very long list with things to do and the ones in "In development " section will be first added.

    We will take in consideration the suggestions we think fit with the game capabilities and possible to implement at some point.

    Thanks for your comment, we will at least answer more often if a suggestion have more or less oportunity to be ingame at some point.
    Community Manager


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    I moved the thread here so that we can keep the Dev section for developer related threads only.


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    All Im suggesting is that the Tag be changed from suggested to Acknowledged if a DEV member looks a it not just a forum moderator. Also would be nice to see a little more DEV activity on the forums not just Moderators. These are very important times that the DEV team needs to understand it is very important to keep the dialog up with its community or it will not grow trust me I have seen this happen to way o many game.


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    Just an FYI this thread belonged right where it was originally because I was pertaining to the DEV team not the General Forum.

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