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    Dipping My Toe Into the Waters

    Hello, Xsyon Forums!

    I'm brand-spanking new here, and I thought I'd say hi. Just wondering, though, do most players on Xsyon not mind newbies? I have been discouraged from reaching out in MMOs before, like in FeralHeart. Hardly anyone spoke to me on there.

    That aside, I don't have a whole lot to say. Off to the Tribe Advertisements with me!

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    I meant to reply to this last night, but I was so tired I think I quite literally forgot to hit "post reply" and just closed my browser.

    Welcome to Xsyon.
    Newbies are pretty welcomed in the global chat channel, but not every tribe recruits them.
    I don't really watch Global channel like a hawk, as I find it somewhat distracting when I'm in the middle of a project or something, but the two Tribes I can list off right away for newbie recruitment and training would be Walieo's and Weebeastie's Tribe, Red Legion, of which I am a member and MrDDT's tribe, Industrial Strength.

    You can drop a message on the respective Advertisement threads, or inquire in-game after them. Feel free to PM me directly, on the forum or in-game, if you want to ask any questions about Red Legion.

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    Oasis is also recruiting... which I should post in the recruitment thread!

    Welcome to Xsyon!

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    Aww, thanks guys. And thanks for the the tips, too!

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