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Thread: Oasis Tribe

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    Oasis Tribe

    Welcome to Xsyon New and Returning Survivors.
    Oasis Tribe is expanding it community base.
    We are an adult tribe with family and Jobs that need our attention, Casual players for the most part.
    We do have TS3 for those who are interested.
    We will give you a safe place to keep your wares and gladly answer any questions you may have and help you get started or update you to the game.
    We need all kinds of crafters.
    We live south of the big lake in 698 Zone and we are a starting Tribe. If you are intersted in joining our family please contact Sister or Oneton for an invite by typing /w name, then press spacebar.
    Looking forward to meeting you.
    Leader, Sister

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    But this is NOT the tribe advertisement thread

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    Hello! Are there still some active players in our tribe?
    Trying to return. But I don't know which server we're playing on if we are.
    And I dont have any food production skills so I'm always starwing eating junkish berries.
    And I need weels badly. So many locked weels around the tribe
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    Hi Ilius....

    Tho most have gone on to other games waiting for Xsyon to either have changes or new content, we do not plan on letting Oasis die. If you look at the tribe rosters activity you will see that there are a handful of us that come back and do stuff. as of this post, Sister (whereabouts unknown) has come in to start new walls around the se and s sides due to the new building modes and new BP's....I am trying to help on pve with mats but am concentrating on dupeing it on on either server we will need mats to get this done which will help your granite/bricks, limestone/bricks, sand/mortar. I read the forums daily but have not met up with you yet.
    Hope you still find fun and adventure in Xsyon


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    I decided to play on PvP mostly. Maxed leathercrafting. Trying to max scav (~95). Then weaponcraft and logging.
    Dont think I want to spend much time on bricks and such. Dont want to loose other stats. My FORT is ok.
    Interested in food and SQ leather.
    If smth specific needed from scavenging let me know. And where shoud i put those bricks if I make some?
    I occupied one big tent which was aviable for everyone.

    BTW can you give me rights for farming? Farming is closes for my stats. Pobably I could have some decent food source from it..
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    Since this thread was opened again, I will enlighten you with some current info.

    Games come and go, so do the people playing them. Xsyon is a Builders dream, an explorers paradise, a Hunters challenge. It is a niche game that does its best to mimic real life after an Apocalypse.

    Oasis is a tribe built from few and many with countless hours put in to achieve its current stasis. It is a tribe that is finished for the most part and a safe haven for those to start off their adventure.

    In the event of future updates and additions, we hope many will return or be added to continue and keep Oasis as a Tribe known for its hospitality or One that is respected in war.

    Given this information, the leaders at large are the only ones that can change rank to allow certain access to some of the main features of the game. Myself being a late but trusted addition to Oasis and a returning player, I have limited control over what can be allowed in the tribe. I respect what has been done by the leaders and will do my best to maintain that integrity.

    I myself Play on the PvP server because I need the danger feeling the game gave me when I started a few years ago. New games are coming out in 2016 but I am no longer interested in games with cash shops so for now I am an active player.


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