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    Trade totems

    Just logged into the game after a while playing other games and noticed the trade totems update. Does this mean it would be possible for the current tribes to agree to put trade totems in one area of the map for people to access. If so, this may help the small population have easy access to trades and quests and be the start of the trade/quest hub that some people have been asking for. Just a quick thought i had

    Can someone tell me too is there an area which has several active tribes as i am a solo player and want to be around other active tribes for social reasons!! Might move if there is such a place.



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    Yes you can do this. IS has set up a trade hub just north of Founders Isle.
    Not many people use it. I believe we have about 9 allies so people can see what is for trade.
    Contact me if you want to be an ally to this trade hub. This does not mean you will be allies with IS just the trading hub. IS TRADE HUB will ally with anyone that wished to display their wares at this location.

    "Victorious warriors win first and then go to war, while defeated warriors go to war first and then seek to win."

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    ok thats cool. I logged in last night and that idea just hit me. Also, that the only active tribe near me are now gone!! There seem to be a few other small tribes around but its single people with a totem and baskets around.... not a good sign ha ha.

    Anyway, great to be back again and hope to get some enjoyment from this over the summer holidays

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    wazcool if you want you can start alliance with me so we can trade with the trade totem. My tribe land is in zone 780 Contact me ingame ok sent me a mail on this forum.

    gr Snakepit ingame name

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