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    Question new player in need of advice

    Hey guys

    Just found this game and all I can say is WOW! I have been praying for someone to have the balls to make a game like this for years, sick of the usual singleplayer mmo's with worthless quests.. its always surprised me how little the people matter in mmo's but finally a real mmo that is 100% player driven....... awesome ....simply awesome...

    Aaaaaany way on to my question...

    Im currently running a free account and are about to turn that into a preimium account but im a little fuzzy on the pricing here...

    Am I correct in thinking its $29.99 to buy the game and 1 months sub ? Then you must sign up for a rolling monthly sub? (Im hearing about players been downgraded after a month because they havent set up a rolling sub) and can someone tell me how a mutch a month it is on the rolling sub ive heard $10 so can someone please confirm the payment plan for me pls...

    Also im from the uk and am hoping I can pay with a debit card, is this possible or does it require a proper credit card as aposed to a debit card...

    Chears guys

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    Hello Craticus and welcome

    Buying the game gives one (1) free month subscription after that it's a monthly fee of $9.99.

    If you stop paying your skills will be cut back to 30, BUT you will regain them at the level you had before once you resubscribe. So don't worry, you won't lose any of your hard earned skills.

    I haven't used my debit card for Xsyon yet, but I've never had problems with using a debit card to pay for any mmo subscription. I just recommend you try using it or otherwise make a paypal account and you can connect your bank account directly to paypal and pay it that way.

    Hope you got the answers you needed

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    Fantastc deakn.... just the info I was looking for ..... and hoping for

    Just one little tidbit I need....... if I go buy the game now I only have one product option and that is buy the game with 1 month sub... if I do that does it automaticly set up a rolling payment for me every month or do I need to set up a sepertate payment for that OR pay manualy every month

    Thx again for the help

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    You will be asked to set up a recurring payment of your choice and you can cancel that at any time. Discounts at 3, 6 and 12 months. And welcome to Xsyon!

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    chears for the replys guys ya been a grate help......

    well im all sorted now whooohoooo.... so who wants to see my totam pole lol

    no to find a tribe who has lots of food

    thx again guys

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