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Thread: playing solo?

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    playing solo?

    is it even possible to play this game solo? If there is anybody who has done it successfully out there i could use some advice on which skills to start with if i wanted to play solo.

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    You can totally play solo. It's harder mostly because of the tools you will need and trials it takes to do things but after you play for a few months, its a non issue.

    I would start with "weapon crafting" as your craft. Because it gives the best tools to make other tools.
    Also then start with scavenging as your resource kill, and terraforming (gives you a shovel). Pick logging as your starting combat weapon it will give you an axe.

    I would start by training up basketry to 25 to make your own baskets.
    Then start working on tools.

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    Thank you, MrDDT, this has been most helpful, I may just go ahead and do a reroll and see how it all works out...

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