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    Basket Hunt Event 6-23-2012

    These are the locations that the baskets are located in:

    I will mark them off as they are found. Good luck everyone.

    741 was found!
    981 was found!
    975 was found!
    864 was found!
    1017 was found!
    896 was found!
    979 was found!
    737 was found!
    1061 was found!
    657 was found!
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    Thanks Hael, was a fun event for us non hunters / PvPers.

    A bit of exploration and some running away from Bears / Revs and generally local wildlife that seemed to want to eat me.

    If they still not found might have to take a trip to see if I can do better today.

    P.S. Hope the others have not been placed with the same pathological intent to watch ppl run around and around in circles passing the bin 5 times before finally noticing it :-D

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    Lol, I did get a good laugh from it but there is still one awesome basket out there and the others are nothing to sneeze at.

    Glad to hear you had fun with it Weebeastie.

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    it was a fun event i actually found one this time
    Join the fun at Red Legion today! /w Walieo

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    All baskets are found, thanks for everyone that participated and I hope you all had fun even if you didn't find a basket.

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    Noooo this means I now have to go back to actually working on stuff in tribe instead of slacking off running about

    As before was good fun cheers Hael.

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