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    24 Hour EVENT "MutantZ"

    Would it be possible to cut off a zone to make it a special event area where no one has benefits like:
    -tribe settled near the zone 700
    -tribe settled within zone 700
    -because those tribes would have an advantage over other tribes

    we have "WarZ"...we have "DayZ" and "STALKER".....and now the true Apocalypse is coming!

    "Mutant-Z" ALPHA 0.1
    __________________________________________________ ___________

    the next permanently Event in "ZONE 700" the deadly area in XSYON!..24 hour a day!

    Story History
    After the war the world is not longer the same as before!

    ZONE 700
    Zone 700 has once been a scene of war where the longest and toughest fighting took place. Over 100.000 soldiers lost their lifes at once as someone decided to bring a devastating bomb to explode. A bomb which should erase all wisdom the human civilization once had. Some of those poor souls who survived the explosion turned into some mutant being. Even now many of those creatures are still roaming there guarding unwittingly a place with rich treasures.

    every now and then people are telling the same story: "Did you hear that those couple of guys last week who gathered around the fireplace outside my place wanted to head to zone 700?"
    "They never came back... but I tell you... there must be something eerie about that place, I tell ya"
    "Well... yes some guy at the bar told me already but I've met a carawan whose leader told me that they want to go there too. I really don't know what I should make of it. I mean... more and more people are heading towards that zone and never come back..."

    -Everyone can participate, tribe or single person
    -everyone should care about items to storage their stuff (carts, baskets)

    Are you and your tribe a "STALKER"?
    Walk in this dangerous ZONE 700 and found "HIGHEND WEAPON/FOOD/ARMOR/RESOURCEN/BONES and all the HIGHEND PIECES" in this zone for your tribe or friends!
    But be aware... "THE DANGER IS ALL AROUND"

    -Guides will set up camps for the revenants. Those enemies are already wearing armor and weapons and are harder to kill
    -Also there will be a couple of wild animals mutants which will be hunting for you

    UPDATE Alpha 0.3:

    first from 10 OUTPOST is ready!..His name is "Outpost Z One"
    Outposts are small tribes where all the MUTANT Z STALKER can capture!
    To capture those city you want found SMALL BASCETS with TOKENS from AMBASSADOR "Whorlok" around in ZONE 700 and fill the bascets in front of the city! The exact rules are following.

    and also the central City with name "TEMPLE OF GOD" is also created!
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    (in those Buildings you can found randomly small bascets )


    (in those buildings around of the zone are more bascets.But its a static door and you need ideas to walk to those doors)
    __________________________________________________ _______________________________________________





    MUTANT CAMPS (10 Camps around the zone)(10 FLINT TOKENS)
    __________________________________________________ ___

    (a Real Player Stalker its an specially created GM who plays this role only in this zone.He is also walk around this zone and places randomly this small bascets with highend gifts.He is an GHOST/YETI and he is the epic boss only in this ZONE)..Kill this Boss with your friends and earn the best REWARDS in the zone!
    __________________________________________________ ___________________________

    OUTPOST are also MINES!...
    If you hold one of those outpost you earn each day "SUPREME RESOURCES:Nails...Stone...clothes...and so on!"
    Its a automatic Robotic MINE from the old times and at the end of a day the resources comes out from the inner core and the owner of the city can HARVEST this BASCET (its filled from the GM)
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    Rules of outpost

    You wanted a OUTPOST?..
    You wanted HIGHEND RESOURCES from the OUTPOST/MINE?...
    You wanted a save place in the dangerous zone 700?...
    then JOIN A ARMY!

    3 Armys are in XSYON:
    RED ARMY (God of the Fire) ---> TALK TO THE AMBASSADOR "Whorlok" and you been for him a ALLIANCECLAN(door permision)

    GREEN ARMY(God of the EARTH)--->TALK TO THE AMBASSADOR "Whorlok" and you been for him a FRIEND(door permision)

    BLUE ARMY(God of the Water)--->TALK TO THE AMBASSADOR "Whorlok" and you been for him a FAMILY(door permision)


    -run around ZONE 700 and search on marcant places small bascets with TOKEN in it (FLINTS from WHORLOK! the AMBASSADOR)
    -push those tokens in one of the THREE ARMY BASCETS in front of each OUTPOST in Zone 700!..If you have 100 tokens in a bascet the Ambassador Whorlok is setting the permissions of the doors to (ALLIANCE/FRIEND or FAMILY) and this Army can go into this OUTPOST and harvest the MINE so long if a other Army have also found and fill her bascet with 100 TOKENS. Then the permision of the door is increased and then more Armys are in the outpost and then it is war!

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    MutantZ "TEMPLE OF GODS"
    the next step from the 24 hour Event "MutantZ" is the greater tribe "TEMPLE OF GOD" with 4 DOORS(look at the concept Screen)
    here a Screenshot from the Temple of God.the exact rules are in work and its coming soon!

    In the OUTPOSTS/MINES the ROBOTIC MINE (from the old times) harvest automatically also a SECOND TOKEN (QUARTERS from Ambassador WHORLOK).
    This Tokens you need for the DOORS ON THE TEMPLE!..thats the same Rules as from the OUTPOST!
    Fill the bascets from your ARMY beside the "TEMPLE OF GOD" and rich the INNER CORE from the temple. Here you earn each day a SUPREME PIECES OF TOOL...WEAPON...ARMOR...and so on!

    - Each Army can also earn the QUARTERS for the TEMPLE OF GOD if they win the weekly Events "FREE THE AMBASSADOR".
    the reward for bring back the AMBASSADOR WHORLOK to your STARTPOINT is 5 pieces of QUARTERS!

    To capture the "TEMPLE OF GOD" is the greatest award what each ARMY can reached!

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