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    Serenity Reborn is Recruiting

    Serenity Reborn is recruiting

    Zone 823 :: Position 430.00 / 420.00

    Serenity Reborn is now a starting spawn location at character creation!

    Serenity Reborn is actively recruiting any and all players that are looking for an active and friendly tribe to call home.

    Serenity Reborn is an active tribe set up in the outskirts of the available world. We live in an extreme danger level zone, allowing us easy access to a large supply of animals and unspoiled junk piles.
    Experienced Xsyon players will find a tribe of knowledgeable and respectful players and have access to a variety of materials for crafting and animals for hunting.
    New Xsyon players will find a tribe with tools, weapons, materials, and players willing to assist you with learning the ropes of the game. You will learn and grow and be able to join hunting parties to get a handle on single and group combat versus animals and mutants.


    • Hunting: Being in an Extreme danger level zone grants us easy access to a range of animals from the weaker 80HP animals, the medium 150HP animals, the harder 350HP animals, and the "holy crap" 500-1,000Hp Mutants. We can help you with hunting tactics for single-man hunting or group hunting to take down larger game. Scared to step away from that rock? Let us help you learn how to hunt the real way.
    • Crafting: Our crafters are all masters of their trade, and we have several trades to offer. We can provide you with high-end crafted material for the experienced crafters, and/or a steady supply of materials to grind up your chosen crafts.
    • Trading: We have several trading alliances set up with the active tribes of the world. Why sit on all those crafted pretties when an ally may be in the market for them? We do not charge a rent or tax to be in the tribe, so your money is all yours!
    • Active Members: We have highly active members on at nearly all hours. We scavenge, craft, trade, hunt, do little jigs, tell jokes, or whatever strikes our fancy. We love to play Xsyon, and we love to have fun.
    • Housing: We offer all players a tent/teepee with 20-slots of storage. You can even park two carts inside the teepee, and if they are 20 slot carts, this allows you to have up to 60 slots (3,000 inventory slots) for storage. All in an easy to access location.
    • Personal Homesteads: We offer the option for the premium tribe members (players with subscriptions) to set up in their own little plot of land on the tribe land. Build your simple cottage, 2 story house, or a 10 story tall tower. It is your plot, do with it as you like!
    • Voice Chat: We use Raidcall for all our voice chatting needs. Members need only apply to the Raidcall group to gain access. Voice chat is not required to join, but that is where we are the most active in chatting.
    • Forum Banner and Avatar: If you like, we can provide you with a forum signature and a new avatar for your forum account. Post in style, sporting the Serenity Reborn logo and colors on the forum. These are not, of course, required to be a member. Just a nice perk if you want it.

    Serenity Reborn members are expected to follow the ToS agreement and game rules. Cheating, griefing, and/or exploiting are prohibited and will be dealt with quickly and decisively.

    Serenity Reborn's goals are to be an activing hunting outpost for it's members, as well as it's allies. A section of the tribal fort is set up solely for ally access. To provide a safe place to rest, to gather and launch out from, and have access to storage for those heavy bones, without having to death-port back continuously.

    While hunting is a blast, we aren't just all hack and slash, blood and guts. We are set up to be craftsmen and tradesmen as well. We aim to be "the place" to go to get your armor, weapons, and tools across the world of Xsyon.

    Not only are we hunters, craftsmen, and tradesmen, but we will also be farmers. Our land was hand crafted to allow for expansion and in anticipation of the upcoming agriculture additions. We will be sitting pretty with plenty of space to test our green thumbs once the game is updated.

    General Operations
    Serenity Reborn was founded by myself, however, I did not want "ultimate power" over the tribe and it's members. Therefore, I set the tribe up to be run via a Triad. Major tribe decisions are made through a 3-way vote, with majority rule. We will always make a fair attempt to allow all members input on any major decisions, as we want the tribe to be fun for all members.

    What can I expect to do if I join?: Anything you want. We don't require our tribe members to have any specific skills or do any required tasks. If you want to assist a tribe member with a project, feel free, or if you want to do your own thing, have at it.

    I need X material(s) and/or X tool(s), do you have them?: We have a large tribal storage area with materials, tools, spare weapons, and armors. Plenty of items to grind with, tools to grind with, and upper-end materials to start crafting quality items. We all share and help each other out, and the end result of this is an endless supply of items for everyone to grind their crafts with.

    Extreme Zone? But I'll die!: This seems to be a fear for people, but we have walls to keep you safe from wandering animals. The only time you might die is on a hunting trip or out running around, but this is true regardless of your danger zone. The bonus being, if you die, you do not have to run across half the map to get back to your hunting spot. In general, unless you are out looking for trouble, you won't have to deal with any animals.

    I only have 45HP, can I come hunting too?: Of course you can, however, you should be aware that very low health can be difficult to hunt with. If you have any stat adjusts left, you might consider increasing your HP a bit. Even if you do not, you are welcome to join any hunts.

    AHH! An animal! Where are the rocks to fight it on?: You will see several animals out in our land, and face them in combat on hunting trips. You will not see us using rocks for anything more than a safe spot to rest and regain stamina. It is our goal to teach you how to be a real hunter, be it solo or in a group. Once you learn the basics, you'll find animals aren't quite so scary.

    My stats are messed up, can you help me with them?: Of course. We are happy to answer any stat related questions. If you have an idea of the resource and craft skills you want to do, we can help you work out a good stat set to begin with.

    Do you charge a tax or rent to be in the tribe?: No. There are no taxes, rent, or any other cost to be a part of the tribe. Your money is your own, and you can do with it whatever you like.

    Can I build my own house?: Yes and no. We are large enough to offer the premium members plots to build their own homesteads, however, there is not enough room to offer plots for trial players. For now, building plots are available to premium tribe members. I will try to keep space available so trial players can at least see how architecture works and can do some of their own building, to see if it is something they are interested in.

    I'm in! How do I join?: Please see below.

    Come join our family!

    Zone 823 :: Position 430.00 / 420.00

    Serenity Reborn is now a starting spawn location at character creation!

    If you have any questions, or would like to join Serenity Reborn, feel free to leave a message on this thread, or send a message in game to any of the following:

    Casimyr (Triad Leader)
    FrostyMug (Triad Member)
    Yrrejanu (Triad Member)
    Paulus (Recruiter)
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    Just a quick update.
    We're still recruiting, and have grown quite nicely. We have a lot of active members, and have secured more alliances with new trading partners to expand our market for selling and getting good deals on any items we may need.

    We'll be able to offer members spaces to build their own homes soon, if we keep growing at this fast a rate.

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    Sounds like fun, ill install and get things sorted tommorow, i would love to meet and maybe join you guys, i played about 10 months ago but i dident get very far. Im 28 and from scotland willing to use teamspeak or whatever voip thing you guys use

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    We are officially a starting spawn option at character creation, and, we are more than large enough to open up homestead/personal home building for our premium tribe members.

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    So you need to be a Premium player to get the personal Tribe totem ?
    I fought I just had to join a Tribe and get it so I can get me own place later on, I guess I have to go Premium then !?


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    I apologize for the slow reply. I have been doing extra hours at work as well as finishing up the fun, fun joys with my car.

    You are correct. To make your own totem, you need to be a premium player.
    In Serenity Reborn, you pick one of our available plots to build your home, staying under the same tribe totem. You won't place your own totem down.
    Free players are still able to join, and we provide them with 20 slot teepees for their personal storage.

    We only offer the land space to premium members as premium members add to the radius. So the more that join the larger we get and the more land we can set aside for personal homes. If we provided the free players plots we would fill up to quickly and would have no space to offer paying members adding to the tribe's continued growth.

    If you are wondering "why be premium and in a tribe" it is mainly for the company of other players, the tribe bonuses to EXP gain, craft success, and inspiration chance, and the supply of materials, tools, and other master crafters that can supply you with specific materials for your crafting.

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    Hello, Casimyr!

    I am a returning player, and although I intend to play all alone, I couldn't not stop by and say that your tribe looks like an amazing one - probably the nicest I ever saw in Xsyon in my previous incarnation.


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