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    Question New player looking to build near others

    Hi All,

    Very new here. After reading and trying out dozens of sandbox mmos, Xsyon seems to be 'the' game for me. I started a F2P account today and if all goes well I'll convert to premium with my gf.

    The only thing I wanted to ask was does anyone have any suggestions of where I could start building? Rather than me running around for another week or so before I find something I'd like to speed that up. And it'd be nice if it was near another group of players since being a hermit can get boring after a while. It's the social interaction that I enjoy most of all.

    I'm more into just the crafting aspects of this game so if anyone would like to welcome me into their group (you don't even need to share assets with me, I merely want to build 'near' other players, I can craft all my own things). Please PM me.

    Edit: Even if it's building near 'one' other person, I'm quite happy with that. It does not have to be an established group.
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    There are several tribes recruiting new players at the moment. Just ask in global chat: /y and I'm sure someone will help you out
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