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    Mail System PLEASE READ!

    The New Xsyon Post is now being provided by ShortSam and the DeathBySnooSnoo tribe!
    Here is a Picture of it
    Click image for larger version. 

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    If you would like to participate and get your tribe added to the Post route please contact Short Sam.(shortsam in game or Osteth on forums)


    1. STEP1:
      Set up 2 containers as an inbox and outbox. Tents or Carts may be assigned as Mailboxes
    2. STEP2:
      Contact ShortSam to Register Your Address. At this time your tribe will be given a post number, these addresses will be posted in a later forum post.
    3. STEP3:
      A Courier will be Assigned to your Location, it is preferred that this Courier would be invited to your tribe to aid in the delivery of Post. However this is not absolutely required if your tribe is worried about security.
      This Being said all Couriers will be operated by myself (ShortSam). So you know your post is in safe hands and if your Courier is not invited Heavy Post services will not be provided to your location due to increased difficulty of transportation. this however will have no affect on Light Post.
    4. STEP4:
      Set permissions so that your courier may access the Mailboxes

    Each day Post will be collected from all In-boxes and taken to the Post Sorting Center (DeathBySnooSnoo tribe base)
    Once it is all Gathered all couriers will be loaded with mail and Death ported back to their respective Addresses to deliver the post.

    How to Send Mail:

    1: Make a pouch or bin (each courier can carry 1 bin and 4 pouches at a time please look in the outgoing mail to see what is already there and use your own judgement on what packaging should be used)

    2:Label that container in the following fashion, Address#- Recipient Name
    For Example: 0-ShortSam

    3:Add Postage:
    For Light Post:(all items that do not stack or are not in stacks)
    IE: a shovel or 1 granite are Light post, while 2+ granite in a stack is Heavy Post
    Place 10c or 5n per item in package with the items you wish to send.

    For Heavy Post:
    A heavy post stack is any item in stacks no larger than 10.
    Postage for heavy post is 20c or 10n per stack.
    stacks larger than 10 may be mailed however they must be posted accordingly.
    postage = stack size/10*heavy post rate (20c or 10n)

    This is the same as adding the the stamp to an envelope (IE: no postage = no delivery) gotta make a living

    For large or heavy weight, Cart, High Security, or other Special deliveries please contact ShortSam in game i can give better deals on odd deliveries if they are not unilateral priced.


    Currency Exchange
    Currency Exchange Will be offered through the Mail system.
    to utilize this service place the currency you wish the exchange into a pouch with 1 of the currency you would like to receive and label the pouch (Services-Exchange) leave this in your mailbox at it will be exchanged upon the next mail cycle.

    Currency base values:
    Nails = 2
    dollars,Quarters, Pennies, Bottle Caps, Beer Tabs

    Exchange rates:
    Nails = 1.90
    Dollars = 0.90
    Quarters = 0.90
    Pennies = 0.90
    Bottle Caps = 0.90
    Beer Tabs = 0.90

    PS. Rates are adjusted to reflect exchange with currency exchange fee.
    (updated lists will be provided should rates ever change to adjust to market conditions)

    can currently exchange currencies for pennies up to 8000. other currencies will become available as stockpiles are built up for exchange purposes.

    services to come include mail order supplies, resources, and BP's currently looking to make deals with suppliers.

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    That front gate looks oddly familiar...

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