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    Will Xsyon ever be "completely f2p"?

    Have you any plans on in the "future" to go complete and utterly free 2 play ? without any pay to win perks ?

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    i should hate to think they'd ever do that. that means that the single guy coding the game will need to get another source of income, which means he won't have much time to build up the game very fast. updates will take twice as long at that point.

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    I guess that will be the time when marcinb12500 will take over the implementation and the costs for the server hosting ...

    Or the time when food and livingspace is free of charge, and companies will not charge any money to host applications at their server farm, when people work for free (and fun) in a server farm to update and maintain all servers and hardware is free of charge (or will never break). The time when people choose to implement games instead of chilling on sun flooded greens... and medics risk their own life to cure others without charging money, and medicin is provided by pharmaindustry for free.. when people provide cloths for free and everyone is happy with just what they have.

    Looking forward to that time (though it will probably take a while)
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    This game can be played completely free as it is.

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