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    Re: NPC clarification question

    Don't forget tribe taxes, those people talking about Xsyon currency.

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    Re: NPC clarification question

    I donít see how tribe taxes change the need for currency. Although I can see how introducing a simple currency would make things much more convenient.

    I think it might be much better to incorporate the taxation within the tribal quest system.

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    Re: NPC clarification question

    Kunra wrote:
    necoo wrote:
    Kunra wrote:
    Relandi wrote:
    I believe there was mention of the in-game currency using USD to fit the Lake Tahoe setting - however whether this currency is the "accepted" one come game time, who knows. Some tribes may only accept scavenged drills, for all I know. I also cannot seem to find the post.. I'm guessing it was merged into another but I can't locate it.

    As for NPC's - there will be NPC's in the wild (i.e animals, etc) however, there will be *none* to sell, buy, or give quests. (Totems will be used for player made quests)
    Excuse my ignorance, but what is USD? United States Dollars?
    obviously... lake Tahoe is in the US after all... in fact i could drive there if i felt like driving for 3 hours or so.
    Terminology changes from game to game, but idiots dont and you have proven yourself to be one of those.
    Looks like we've got a new troll on the scene. This is the second thread I've read where you've insulted someone for no reason.

    Kunra, this isn't forumfall. If you want to actually be a part of this community, you should change you're attitude quickly because these mods don't put up with immaturity for very long.

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    Re: NPC clarification question

    ok, we've all told him off, lets get back on topic

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    Re: NPC clarification question

    I'm betting a whole month of Xsyon subscription that Kunra will get banned himself from these forums during this month.

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    Re: NPC clarification question

    i said drop it!

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    Re: NPC clarification question

    No imposed ingame currency seems like the way to go. Barter will be the most commonly used system at start i bet. At least in the tribe to tribe trade.

    But someday... i would love to see how the system would grow if it'll be only controlled by the players.

    But yeah... there is the issue of "tax". I wonder how they'll set that up in the game.

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    Re: NPC clarification question

    My suggestion is for ingame currency: create a skill to create money. In order to do that, u need like 10 tribes or so to agreeing together for creating currency. Then the tribes can create a document of agreement. And then those 10 tribes can start making money for them selfs... Like a goverment or so...

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    Re: NPC clarification question

    I prefer the way I've been doing it. Just go to Zone 211 and ask about the golf club currency.
    pid73 wrote:
    It's about smashing with a tank over a minicar and looting it's trunk.

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    Re: NPC clarification question

    I think the barter system would work fine here. As far as taxes go... taxes would be an amount of trade goods.

    Person "A" that is a scavenger would give the tribe part of what he scavenged. While person "B" that is a logger would give the tribe some of his logs... its not to hard to use the same barter system as tribe taxes.

    Even non crafter/gathers can contribute by protecting the tribe and its members. Everything we do in game will be of some value; we just have to remember that making our tribe stronger benefits ourselves, and get out of the soloist mentality that most MMO's are catering to...

    When you really think of it a tribe is a group of people that have come together for a common goal. so while there will be trading within the tribe members, the bulk of everything you do will be to make the tribe stronger.

    You will always have tribes that find one material or service to have a higher worth. This is where trade between tribes comes in... one tribe offers protection to a purely crafting tribe...
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