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    Wanting to try Xsyon with a Tribe

    Ok, I'm very new. So new, I don't even have an official character. I am from Mortal Online. I've played that for almost 3 weeks, but I'm kinda looking for something new. MO is also kinda too combat oriented for me. If you play that too, that's great. I haven't fully quit MO yet so if you want to contact me on MO or play together then yay.

    Again, I haven't made my character yet so I can't tell you with accuracy who or what she is. In most other sandbox games I am a tamer, crafter, or both.

    I'm looking for a friendly guild. I like medium or large guilds mostly, and it has to be well establish. I want to join a guild, not help start one. I also need to know you aren't going anywhere. Nothing is worse than joining a guild then having it disband the next day. As for alignment, I'm pretty neutral. But if I had to choose between good and evil, I'd choose evil. For voice chat, the only one I've ever used is TeamSpeak as that's the most common in MO. I'm pretty quiet though, and I actually prefer to use normal typing chat, but either way is fine.

    Contact by posting here or PMing me.


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    Hello Kit,
    You are welcome to join Serenity Reborn.
    You can read about what we offer, and get a feel for the atmosphere of the tribe itself, on our recruitment thread, which I will link below for your convenience.

    If you have any questions, feel free to leave a message here, on our recruitment thread, send me a PM directly, or, if you create a character and get in-game, whisper me with: /w Casimyr Hello.

    Serenity Reborn recruitment link follows:
    Serenity Reborn is Recruiting

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    Where do you want me to spawn?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Maylilyx View Post
    Where do you want me to spawn?
    Founder's Island, the first selection at creation, is perfectly fine. I keep an alt parked up there to invite new players and to assist them with questions.

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