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    Few Tweaks and suggestions.

    Ability to "holster" weapons/tools.
    We do have 6 spots dedicated for this. How about linking those to a key. So we can swap them around without opening characterscreen then drag and drop. Even if its the whole grp you swap out. (back,sides,legs)it be a nice.

    Add a few spaces to characterscreen for crafting tools.(or craftable as a toolbelt) Those should auto fill recipes. if you have the correct tool. limtit the drag and drop a bit with that aswell as freeing up 4-5 slots in backpack.


    As it is now nothing is beyond jumping. find a mountain jump up and voila. should be more restriction.maybe this is a setting atm donno.
    Carrying a log its faster to jump then to try walking with it. drains more stamina i think.

    strafing more of a bug really.

    Currently that doesnt generate sound and you can walk on water while doing it. (might be something my end but thats how it shows to me.)

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    Re: Few Tweaks and suggestions.

    lol, I highly doubt jumping up a mountain was what Xsyon planned.

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    Re: Few Tweaks and suggestions.

    darkrounge wrote:
    lol, I highly doubt jumping up a mountain was what Xsyon planned.
    yeah doubt that as well but trowing it out there anyhow ;P

    ps darkrounge Did you manage to take a screeny of my temple?? servers went down b4r i rememberd to.

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