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    Quote Originally Posted by Azzym View Post

    For more fun, insert a random factor to simulate luck
    OR actually build in a bit of luck into the horseshoes these guys keep carrying around with them.
    And I also agree that higher stats should definitely affect your chances to get more rare and epic items. Getting the skill is easy, getting the stats proves much more difficult.

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    I think DDT's numbers may be a little high, but much closer to what I'd like to see than the current chances. None of the rare and epic items are huge game changers, but they shouldn't be so common that all established players are running around with all epic bonus items they want.

    Making it so more items could be epic would make lower chances pay off at the 1 epic per hour rate. E.g. putting rare fur and leather into the leather table.

    High and extreme danger areas are not impossible or that difficult for even weaker players like me. For me there is a greater chance of dying in an overgrown medium danger area than in extreme areas with good lines of sight. The downside of the higher danger areas is the travel time from lakeside homes, and more time running and looking over your shoulder.

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    I think I would go about 5% epic, 10% rare, 25% uncommon and the rest common at highest skill. High stats should add to it, and higher level zones as well.

    It is getting so difficult to make armor with decent stats that I think players should be able to get a fair amount of less common items to give them a better chance at making some decent gear when their skill is maxed and their stats are high. Currency should not be so common, since the economy needs it to be more rare. It makes the game more fun if you are stashing away your rare items along with all the common stuff we all deal with. There are a lot of items in the game, so you still wouldn't be getting that many of any particular item. Hopefully the scav tables are random enough that you still gather a wide variety of items. The low end I would tend to agree with DDT's numbers keeping in mind that many times you don't get anything at lower levels when scavenging.

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    I just want to make it clear. With my values, you have a 1 in 100 chance of getting a useful rare.

    That is about 1 per 15 mins or so. This is the BEST chances, max skill, extreme area non stop scavenging.

    When I say "useful rare" you are talking about a rare that is not a Gold Long Metal Board or Acetate Long Plastic Pole. Its something like Gold Screws, or Acetate Plastic Decoration.

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    That sounds reasonable to me. Even more often would sound reasonable to me.

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    The Test Server is running now with percentages similar to those requested above. Epic and rares should be much easier to find. Metals, cloth and fabric materials have been adjusted.

    If this seems good, I will patch the changes to the Main Server this week.

    Thanks for all the input!

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    I did a quick test of 100 scavs in a medium area.

    Medium danger zone, player with max skill, 110+CHA and PER:
    Items with materials
    94% common
    5% uncommon
    1% rare
    0% epic

    Useful non common items 0%

    This is what I got.
    I was going to do extreme but clearly the numbers were not changed much so I figured I will let someone else do it.

    Further note, with extremely hard to get epics. It puts more pressure on the fact that guides should not be spawning items in game, and events should have their # of items drastically dropped from the 1000s or even 100s down to maybe 10 to 1 for rewards. Else the economy of epics will center around only doing events, and guide spawned epics.

    Good luck, please keep us updated on any changes.

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    What region did you scavenge in? I will run data tests on that region.

    Regions are still being adjusted. My data tests so far are showing numbers much higher than before (close to the percentages requested, but varying from region to region, which is why adjustments are still being made).

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    Test server is not letting me load into it. I know I was in a Lake something near "Twin Pines" because I kept having to stay out of "Twin Pines"

    Its in zone 740. Hope that helps.

    About the test server not letting me load in. I get to the "Loading World" and it drops me back to the log in screen.

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    Probably Lake Valley then. Thank you.

    I'm shutting down the Test Server for now and will post when it's back up.

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