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    Apocalyptic here hey yall :p

    Hey everybody how are you doing this is my first day on Xsyon and so far im just bedazzled the graphic's are perfect and how i want them i like the newer/old school feel to this i need a tribe and help on everything im willing to put 14-16+ hours a day into this game and willing to give it my best to, couple question's.

    How is pvp in this game styled slow paste,fast paste,mid paste ?Is it fast paced where say i got my weapon out etc and i look like im about to attack is the other person gonna quickly atatck me and call for help or is he or she going to sit there and take damage and try to figure it out

    Which skills are needed for weaponcraft?Like do i need resources,scavanging,and weaponcraft to weapon craft?

    Can other players destroy your keep?instance where you live in game

    Last but not least is there bow's?god i love bow's and archery is sick
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    Combat is real time. No selecting. No auto aim. No warning. You get you hit back twitch based style (after you hit c for combat) .
    Check out the wiki for charts and getting a grip in how stat /skill works together.

    Your tribe land is protected and no one can attack you or your things on your tribe land.

    No bows or projectile weapons at this moment but they are in the works for the future.

    Good hunting!

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    To progress at weapon crafting you will need a lot of wood crafting and scavenging. Most weapons have wooden handles and a scavenged head.

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