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    Scotch Whiskey's Odds & Ends, Offers & Needs!


    Here I'll shout out my deals, offers, services and needs, there oughta be somethin for ery batterd eye on the lake.

    Got Scavenging, Toolcraft and Leathercraft at 100, and Hunting, Logging, Resources, Bonecraft, Weaponcraft and Woodcraft over 90.

    I know alot of tools, still need some master schemes. Have a look at which I can craft and which schemes I got (1+3 means I have 3 extras besides the one I can learn the tool with. Blueprints are coming but only got 10 boring ones).

    Scotch needs:
    - Fish.

    I currently deal in Dollars and needed goods. Got loads of Quarters/Pennies etc. too that I can trade if you need them.

    Oh, and last but not least, if ye ever see my Barrel o Whiskey... KEEP YER DAMN HANDS OFF!!
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