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    Question hello! i am new! please help :)

    I am a new player and i am trying to make a char. but i cant seem to figure out which skills and attributes to have? whats a good start?

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    Start with armed.. pick a weapon.. get basketry and another skill..
    Start with stats Max str fort agility dex and spirit..

    That will get you going enough to play around and learning. You can always reroll and reuse your character name.
    See you in game ...

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    What Wilson said is pretty good advice.

    I would start with 90 STR,FOR,AGI,SPI and then 90 in whatever other stat you think you might want to use, CHA is good for scav and a little HP.
    Set 2 others to 10 (you can lower stats in the starting char screen to 10), and 1 to 30. I would not max DEX unless you need it for a special reason, and even then unlikely because its very very fast to raise.

    I also would not "reroll" ever unless you want a different hair color or something crazy. You can always fix your stats and skills in game. You have 4 stat changes in game as a new player, so once you learn more about what you want to do you will learn which stats effect what and what you will need to change.

    As for the starting skills, they matter very little. If you are going solo, I would suggest toolcrafting. If you going to join a tribe those starting skills matter nothing. They just push a skill to 25 which takes very little time to achieve.

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