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    Wink Khatt's House Is looking for Active players

    We are still active but under a transition....

    Bottom line...if you just want to trial the game...move on, If you want to be dedicated and stay for the long run then Whisper Gruu. TS is required. must be mature

    Why so strict you may ask?...simply put...i am tired of taking months to teach and train others just for them to leave and start their own tribe or to get 1/2 way in skilling up and leave the game.
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    Hi...Gruu here...also Glorp and Ooloo.

    Well dissregard my recruitment ad. The game is great but i guess i have reached my limit of tolerance. made friends..made a huge camp. help a few lvl skills to 100 even myself. but when members leave due to my trying to help a new tribemate from Hungary find a better tribe that could facilitate him better due to the language barrior, that was the last for me. Have fun all. back to real life for me.

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