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Thread: Grinding music

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    Xsyon Citizen
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    Jan 2013
    Scrapper's temple (zone 977 260/510)

    Cool Grinding music

    Hi all,

    I like to listen to music while grinding my skills and in everyday life but i tend to run out of inspiration on what to listen.

    Do you have any suggestion on what i could or even should listen?


    Hidden jewels?

    New hits?

    Weird underground stuff you thought you were the only to appreciate?

    Your own band?

    Im very open as to what type of music you might suggest, dont be shy and shoot.



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    I play windowed mode and usually have movie franchises playing
    Lord of the Rings (Extended), Harry Potter, Matrix, Batman (Nolan's), Star Wars, etc
    If you're into music soundtracks you can try those
    My fav film score artist is Clint Mansell, especially from Requiem for a Dream and The Fountain

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    Xsyon Citizen Ranph's Avatar
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    Northern Peak
    I too would like to know what everyone listens to when then are in hardcore mode, ie
    really grinding for resource or building. In some of my other games they have 'radio
    stations' playing music via webpage, ts or vent for the players to game by.

    PS: Shout at the Devil by Gaelic Storm
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    Xsyon Citizen
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    Jan 2013
    Scrapper's temple (zone 977 260/510)
    Thanks for your suggestion Ranph, i enjoyed it.

    Here is a hidden treasure: [B]Goat[/B] - [I]World Music[/I]
    It's described as swedish psychedelic afrobeat !?! You can find it on youtube, i particularly enjoy [I]Run for your mamma[/I]

    Also Arcade Fire just released its new album on youtube, check it out.

    And keep the suggestions coming.

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    [URL=""]Panda Dub[/URL] is always good for grinding *find*
    or ... [URL=""]Bonobo[/URL]
    also [URL=""]Ewan Dobson[/URL] <3<3<3
    or some [URL=""]16 Bit[/URL]
    even more best [URL=""]8 Bit Pubajim[/URL]


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    OMG that would make me go insane!

    I listen to this, [url][/url]

    Just keep it on repeat =P

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    havent thought you got such a common music-taste, ddt!

    [URL=""]Miss Chang - Chinese Man feat Taiwan MC & Cyph4[/URL]
    [URL=""]"Cau la nit" de Obrint Pas[/URL]
    [URL=""]La Raíz - Suya mi guerra [/URL]

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    I'm never clicking on a music link by you again =P Those are horrid.

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    won´t click any of you either

    [URL=""]broussaï - et le manege tourne [/URL]
    [URL=""]Keny Arkana - Victoria[/URL]
    [URL=""]Obrint Pas - I Si Demá No Tornara[/URL]
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    [URL="[youtube=]Alex Harvy - Hammersong[/youtube]"]Alex Harvey - Hammersong[/URL]

    thats the best grinding song ever

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