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    Greetings - please take a moment and read.

    I figured I best get around and introduce myself. I am Ranph. I've been around the internet gaming industry some 20+ years. If you have seen the name Ranph in other games its most likely me. *smile* I love the post apocalyptic genera, that and the sandbox system are a great combination. I recently made a commitment to really jump in and play this game. I run a gaming community and hope to include Xsyon in our list of active games.

    Personally I love the community I have found here. I have met and joined a Tribe, Northern Peaks. They are helpful and very supportive and friendly. "I hate Rev's" has become a much anticipated statement by a fellow tribe member on the communities teamspeak server. Hi Shammie! I highly recommend you give this game a try. I look forward to seeing more of the game, meeting more players and getting to know you all better. Good hunting and safe journey.

    Ranph of the Northern Peaks

    ** For clarification: Xsyon's F2P system is not true free to pay account. Rather it is a trail account. But please don't let this stop or deter you from getting one and trying out the game. Also you have one and only one character slot, so dont be afraid to delete your account and start over as you explore and learn this game. And in closing, PvP in this game in not really PvP it fighting for survival. Remember this the Post Apocalypse and resources are life! With this few tips you'll have a great time here. "I don't have to out run the bear, I just have to out run you!"
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    Welcome to Xsyon Ranph!

    And bring your tribe along

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