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    Questions For The Developers 10/21/2013 - 01/25/2014

    Please post your Questions For The Developer here.

    Please do not post questions regarding estimated release dates for features or changes. Our In Development schedule is posted
    here and will change as our plans changes. Features will be released when they are ready.

    Sarcastic or derogatory comments veiled as questions will not be answered..
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    What do you propose tribes do when unwanted players drop a totem near your tribal area? Whether it's because they are messing up scavenging piles, or terraforming, or killing off animals, or cutting/planting trees, or removing grass, paving roads, aggressive players etc. Many reasons I can see why many players want sort of a clearer area around their tribes free of this type of stuff.
    How do players deal with this?

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    I noticed you said we are changing to a single currency system, what currency and how is that going to work? Do you plan on adding uses/value to currency? What about denominations?

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    Glad to see this is revived. Jordi will you please let us know if you will start answering these questions again?

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    Can you please back the new single currency with nails that can be withdrawn from the trade outpost thing near founders?

    The only reason any fiat currency has value in other games is because you can always redeem it for items of real value that the players use in the game. ALWAYS.

    This can be the case with Xsyon too, without using NPCs. Just make sure players can always swap their currency for nails at a fixed rate.

    In real life currency has value because your experience yesterday was that currency was able to buy you something. Therefore, you expect that it will do it again. Our entire currency system is based off expectations that others will accept a piece of paper or an electronic digit for items of real value, because they did so yesterday so why wouldn't they today or tomorrow?

    My field of expertise in real life is currency and money (currency is a receipt for money). Anything you need help with in this area... I can certainly help.
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    Are you open to anyone helping you with this game or do you have some strange desire to do everything yourself?

    I tried asking you last January but you shut me down.
    I'd work for 10 hours a week for free, designing concept for new content and balancing the math behind new systems.

    Literally I just don't get how people can offer to work for free and you still turn them down.

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    Apologies for any rudeness. We are all just a little frustrated with the lack of flexibility. Very difficult to believe that in 3 years no one else offerred to help you with this game. I mean, the last thing the artists even created since the architecture changes in 2012... was a) carts and b) female armor sets.. c)... trade totems?

    Really? They could do a lot more than that. Who knows, maybe they have. Maybe all the art is done for archery, farming, etc etc and they are just waiting on the the code to be complete

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