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    Where have all the Tribes gone?

    After a couple weeks of becoming invested in this game and trying to learn more about this
    game I noticed a few things I'd like to discuss. As the title states, Where have all the Tribes
    gone? I see several attempts have been made to make a list or directory of active Tribes, but
    they have all failed. I understand there is a lot of issues and history behind this. And yet I
    have noticed a new influx of players and Tribes in Global chat. I would like to make the
    following request. If you are in an active Tribe, Clan or even a simple Homesteader could
    you please reply to this post? Also I have noticed many many Tribes etc that have active
    Totems, if you know of any could you also please list them? Thanks!
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    Oasis! Is still active..

    Live totems with no actives I know of are rainy river and forsaken tower.

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    Industrial Strength is active with a few members.

    Most people do not read the forums, or even check them now in again outside of maybe patches.

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    German Clan "A BETTER TOMORROW" is activ

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    has an active totem - and I use my breaks at work to read the forum.

    Did not invest any time in the last month to play - actually my character is stuck in a nearly finished 5 story building.
    I messed up the cellar and after some time without finding a proper solution to my building problem, I left. And every time I log in, I remember that I still have to solve my cellar problem - get frustrated and leave again - sort of a deadlock

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    Well i am looking to become active again, current member of rainy river.
    But as i dont have much rights in the tribe i prolly start my own, not sure yet
    I noticed some founders once in a while still log in to keep tribe from decaying

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    Raven Moon is still active but only 6 of us logging in regularly. Tom if you need another set of eyes I would be happy to have a look at your cellar problem. Sometimes all you need is another perspective =)

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    Little Burrow tribe is active and growing slowly :-) 5 active players so far

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    Tribe "Amazonen" is with 4 woman active

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    Fallen Angel Saints is a small but kinda old tribe which has stayed active for about 9 months and inactive for about 3 but i'm back with my mates now so you can add this tribe to your little list <3

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