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    Returning (Subscribed) Player looking for active Tribe

    Hi everyone. I recently came back to Xsyon, and I am looking to join an active Tribe. I had played a good amount in the past, so I have a decent handle on what I need to be doing, and how to be an effective member of a Tribe. I re-rolled my character, so I will be starting from scratch - but that is not meant to imply that I will be asking for much help. I had just decided to go in a completely different direction with my build and get a fresh start. I can also dedicate a fair amount of time to playing, so I will be pretty active.

    Also, I would really prefer to join a Tribe that uses some kind of voice-chat solution (Mumble, Ventrilo, TS3, etc).

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    Would love to talk to you....come into our It is open for all Xsyon players. This is Babycake and we have a very active tribe. We would love to have you join our team! We help each other and would certainly love to have a previous player of your experience! Look me up! Baby, Babycake, or Angela. Cya in game!

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    Hi Babycake, thanks for responding. I will connect up to TS later tonight when I get home. Probably around 7pm EST or so.

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