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    Hello xsyon community!

    I am Real897j, my irl name is Dakota.
    After reading a bit about this game on a few sites i visit often i have decided to give xsyon a try.
    I will be on a free to play account for about 2 days to see if i can get into the game.
    I play many mmorpgs that are out there and would like to add another to my list as my days
    are empty for the winter.

    A little about me:
    I am a construction worker mainly roofing, i love video games in the winter and hiking in the summer.

    I will be around the forums quite often as i journey through the game so i will see you guys around.

    Until then,


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    Welcome to xsyon, dont hesitate to ask around in global chat /y for any questions or if you're looking for a tribe.


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