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    Greetings (shutup) from a new tribe (really?) up north

    A new tribe of one who are (is) always in two minds about everything (not true) have put down their totem on fruitable (granite, dirt and more granite) land in the north. We, (I), are (will be) happy there while we recover, our (your) minor case of..schizophrenia. If you happen to walk by our homestead don't hesitate to shout out to get a good deal (get robbed or killed or both). We sell (steal) lots of stuff hand-crafted (stolen) -SHUTUP ME! (yeah, you try that again and Ill smash you like I did when you lost your nose mate).

    Anyway - we are pious and worship the almighty Mahrten (yada yada) and pray upon his earthly remains (a pair of DrMartens). We strive to stick to the path of rightousness and sane medication (and good soles).

    If you happen to come across us (me) on a good sunny day we are willing to share a few pamphlets (and a good kicking) or directions on how to enter the path to enlightenment (can't go wrong with DocMartens).

    (don't listen to the old fool, the truth is - the most important thing in the world is a pair of dry soles and a good kicking from time to time. All that social mumbo jumbo is overrated and could go where the sun never shines - with a shove).

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    Welcome to Xsyon.

    "Victorious warriors win first and then go to war, while defeated warriors go to war first and then seek to win."

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