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    Questions from a (possible) new player

    Good Evening Ladies and Gentlemen,

    I've recently come across this game, and I must admit that I am very excited to give it a try. I do have a few questions that I'd like answered before I dive in. I realize these questions likely have already been answered , but most of the information I come across seems to be outdated, vague, or overwhelming.

    The game is advertised as Free to Play with the option of going Premium, though when signing up through the website, I was given the option to purchase the game for $30. What is the case? Is it Buy to Play with the option of having a Subscription?

    I understand that upon character creation you are given a pool of Stat Points to distribute. Are how you distribute these points going to have any long term effect on your character? Will your character be gimped if the wrong choices are made? Is there a stat cap? Can all stats reach cap? Do you have the option of redistributing stat points? I refuse to play any game that may effect you negatively end game for not creating the appropriate character "build".

    I have the same questions as above for the skill system. How does the skill system work? Is it also a point system? Can I max all skills? Will I be effected negatively for not selecting the appropriate skills?

    Lastly, PVP. How does it work? Is it open world, full loot? What are the incentives for PVP?

    Thank you for your time.

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    You can login with the account you created without purchasing, but yes, it is free to play with limitations. Skills capped at 30 and you can't start a tribe but you can join other tribes premium players started.

    You can distribute points during account creation but it all depends on what type of build you are going for. Crafting or PvP/PvE? You also are given "I believe" 3 re-rolls of your stats to adjust them as you see fit.

    You can mix skills as you see fit but there is a soft cap but you can max out a lot of skills to 100 and it's very flexible. You can also use the skill locking system to keep certain skills from going down or have them set to only increase/decrease.

    Open world, full loot. The combat system is controlled by you, directional attacks along with charged as well. The incentives are mostly loot.

    Founders Isle, where most people start, is a safe non-pvp zone and so is your tribal area but the whole world is full pvp.

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    Hello Idab,

    That's alot of questions, I'll try to answer a few.

    Free to play: You can play for free for as long as you want but you are limited. Your skills will be capped at 30 and you cant start your own tribe. You can join an existing tribe and terraform and build if the leader allows it. There's always a few tribes recruiting free-to-play characters.
    Details of limitations:

    You can see it as free trial without time limit but some people actually play long term without paying.

    If you want to enjoy the game without those limits you need to pay 30$ to buy the game which includes one month of subscription. Each ensuing month will cost only 10$. Its either pre-paid or automatic as you wish.

    You have to distribute stat points at character creation. But you get 4 stat resets. So if you made a wrong decision or change your mind, you have 4 chances of redistribution those stats.

    Can it gimp your character? Well they are choices, with consequences. All stats are useful, some more than others and it all depends on your priorities. For example, if your main objective is combat then Intelligence is not important but low intel will make it impossible for you to craft the best tools. Although, theoretically since there is no skill cap, you could always raise your intel through crafting but that would take a really long time and would be at the expense of your other skills and stats progression.

    There is no stat cap but there is a skill soft cap (per category, i.e. resources, combat, crafting). Theoretically you can max them all but it is extremely long and hard.

    You can get details on stats, skills, and decay in the manual:
    Or the wiki in the Community section of the site. For a quick look at stat/skill relations there is also this graphic: (i use it all the time)

    As said earlier, yes you can respec stats but only 4 times.

    For skills, you choose some starting skills that will put them at 25 instead of 5 for all others and come with some related tools.
    Check the manual for general rules or the starter guides in the wiki to help you choose. If you're aiming at a combat character, check out

    Pvp is open world full loot except on your own tribe land where you cannot be attacked. There is no real incentive for it except loot, fun and occasionnal events.

    Dont hesitate to download the game and come chat in global using /y, the community is very helpful.

    Hope that answers some of your questions, there is a lot to the game and a relatively steep learning curve but that's part of what makes it enjoyable for a long while.

    See you in game


    P.S.: yeah just what Xaphan said
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    Thanks for the quick replies!

    Well that settles it...

    See you all in game!!

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