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Hello gamers,

Im a part-time player who loves to build with the Xyson architecture. I fell behind on the learning curve during my last hiatus and I have started to experiment with the some newer building techniques (scaffolding dropped projects, jump-dropped projects) on abandon sites in my area. I have completely rebuilt one location near my main homestead that is sitting empty and held by my alt. I have recently returned (again) and was pleased to see an active global chat filled with new names. I figure Ill open up my doors as a halfway house to other survivors and offer a safe haven in 1056 to practice your craft and learn some of the basics survival skills in Xyson. If youre new to the game, returning for another look or just want to new place to live, I have room for 3 new members (a 4th with some easy remodeling) at the Habi Lodge.

Please review the text below and send me a private PM if you are interested in joining. I will accept applicants on trial accounts, but I encourage you to subscribe and take advantage of the full membership benefits.

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Tribe land and local area amenities:

  • Your own housing unit with a 20-slot storage structure for your personal bins.
  • Four different junk pile locations, all within a short run, that give scavengers a nice variety and a change of scenery.
  • An over-abundance of small and large logs for aspiring wood crafters, pioneer tool makers and architects.
  • Im skilling up tool crafting and can provide low-end grind tools to train your crafting skills.
  • Natural fishing pond near the tribe land. No diving though. (Youll see why.)
  • Critters everywhere!! I should open a petting zoo.

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Quick props to the other tribes out there and what will you find in zone 1056?

There are many other active tribes that can offer you more than I can, with more resources and an in-depth knowledge greater than mine. Fortunately the global community has always been helpful to those who ask and life near the mist is more rewarding in my opinion.

Zone 1056 and the surrounding zones are medium to high danger level areas and border the mist. There are many animals that roam the zone including bears, coyotes, dear, racoons and the smaller less aggressive critters. There are also plenty of reverent spawns and mutant animals of various ages with many in their full-grown nastiness. You will need to stay alert when traveling here. Gameplay in 1056 has a rougher edge than the low danger zones near the lake (unless you are on DDTs s-list), but Ive been in 1056 for more than 2 years and its easier to survive than you may fear.

So with that welcoming edge you can still expect a relatively safe tribe land, honest advice, good camaraderie and a free exchange of ideas for construction projects and improvements to the lodge and surrounding area. This is a post-apocalyptic survival game and you will be primarily responsible for your own growth and Xsyon experience. Active members at the halfway house can stay as long as they want and can leave whenever they like. You will not be required to meet quotas of raw materials or labor for the tribe, but you must agree to the following conditions.

  1. My alt account will always maintain the tribe leadership.
  2. You will not dismantle or remove any of the original architectural structures and their components on the tribe land. You may build and rebuild structures to train your architect skill with permission.
  3. The area is relatively pristine compared to other locations on the map and I ask you not to deface the local area by digging holes or stripping resources bare and bleaching the landscape. I have collected many bundles of resources from abandoned sites over the past 2 years that I dont plan to use. We can discuss options to exchange these resources if youre interested.
  4. There are plenty of abandon sites nearby that have been terraformed in various ways and can be cleared of revs if/when you want to drop your own totem in the future.
  5. Inactive players will be removed from the tribe after a set length of time (to be determined). All belongings stored on the tribe land by inactive players will be kept in your house/storage unit for a specific length of time (to be determined) and then relocated and held in escrow for an additional length of time (to be determined) to allow room for new members. Finally, if you do not return to the game to claim your possessions they will be donated to the tribe.
  6. I can provide you access to the storage structures on tribe property, but you are ultimately responsible for the security settings on ALL of your bins and carts. The details of the access settings of tribe land storage will be discussed with tribe members only.

FYI - I cannot make high-end tools, armor or weapons. I suggest you trade for these with others in the Xsyon community if you cannot produce them yourself.