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    Question for guides or devs or players in the loop

    Hello I drop in from time to time to see the progress of this game as it had a ton of potential but just fell short in so many areas due to how long updates take and a incomplete gaming package for a survival sandbox (not bashing the game you guys do a very good job with the limited resources and devs)

    But now that you guys have gotten a steam community do you guys have a estimate on when the pve server will be releasing and also ranged combat? Im not asking for a exact day but maybe a month or something? I try to stay up to date on this game but it seems like the forums are pretty dead and I have been logging in from time to time to play but one of my favorite play-styles is hunting and without ranged combat its very much a chore chasing around a hamster or bunny etc. Anyways grats on getting on steam finally and I really hope it helps you guys get a much larger player base considering this is one of the few true survival games out there.

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    There will be a few key patches to go in before the release. A tutorial is something that you will see before the steam release to assist new players coming in to the game. I'm sure Xsyon will set a date when it's near time of release but at the moment I can't give a ETA as I don't know.

    Animal speed was changed recently so you may want to give it a try and take a look at the changes.

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