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    Emergency Test Session - November 10

    I will be using this thread to communicate regarding today's emergency test session on the Test Server. I will need any crashes, data problems or critical issues to be reported as quickly as possible.

    The first testing session should be ready at approximately 3:00 PM PST. (I adjusted this as I need to update the database for this coming patch, and will run a backup of the adjusted data).

    I will post here when the Test Server is up and ready. Thanks for your patience and assistance.

    -- update --
    The Test Server is up. Please post any issues you notice here. I will be monitoring for stability.

    -- update --
    The Test Server is down. It was the fault of creature data affected by the prior crashes. I will fix the data, run some internal tests and restart the Test Server.

    -- update --
    I'm currently copying updated data from one server to the other. It will take another hour or so before the Test Server is open again (8:00 PM PST).

    To answer questions below:

    This update will include all changes (carts etc.) that were in testing earlier this week. Creatures migration will be on and creatures are being balanced (but not completely reset) so that players can find a range of creatures from young to old.

    -- update --
    The Test Server is up for final testing. Please post if you encounter any problems on the Test Server. The Main Server is ready to go if no problems are found.
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    looking forward to helping

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    The short time i played on the test server (till it was down yet) it seems very stable ... but there were only 4 ppl online that uses the chat system. But the normal ping by me was 39ms and the max was 50ms, so it was good ^^
    Ingame Nick: Elo
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    seemed to be fine until it went down.

    did get around 12Mb patch when first connected

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    I cannot log in. It is 7:27 PM CST (5:27 PST). Message says Main Server is Up, Test Server is down. When logging into Main Server, after the patch I get an "incorrect version" message.


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    same as Brimm here, i got the 12mb patch when trying to log on the test server but it was already down, now says incorrect version when trying to log on the main server.

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    I think they work on implementing the patch to the main server and that he is not really online for playing ... better you wait till the devekoper write in the right thread, that the server is back online
    Ingame Nick: Elo
    Tribe-Leader of Asteria [943]
    GMT+1 Germany

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    Will the patch to the live server also include the changes that are on test (cart, rev buffer zone etc)?

    Will creature data be reset to prior crashes or totally reset (everything will need to re spawn including revs, some revs will now be missing due to rev buffer zone change)

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    !!:45 Mtn time. normal ping of around 39 to 44 for 5 min then steady at 144 ping. carts stuff working as far as i can tell with only one cart i could do a teat on. only one puppy by my tribe(937/500/300). Terraforming up and down ok. only 4 people online and only one answering in global...they said EU pimg was 77

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