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    Story of a Survivor...

    Chapter One, A NEW DAWN:

    The light gleaming off the calm waters of Lake Tahoe in the early morning, as the sun crested over the distance mountains of the horizon. Time seemed to stand still in this moment, peace dominated the moment. It felt as though, in this moment, anything was possible. The rustling of trees in the fresh air breeze filled the air. Leaves of many colors fell from the trees from the autumn weather. The had a slight chill to it, and morning dew was just forming in the early morning. In this serene moment, a lone survivor awoke to the sound of the water flowing in the stream near him. As the survivor rose, and stretched as he surveyed the land. The man wasn't the tallest person you've ever met, but he was lean, and hardy. An angular face, and broad shoulders for his size. His short hair and small beard were a deep auburn color. He has been hardened by nature and work. As he looked around, he realized, he was in a forest, those were everywhere these days, and the air seemed... empty. As if he were the only living thing alive left in the world. That wasn't uncommon these days though, since after the the tribes and war, many of the animals are getting rare to see. The rocks cackled as water carried them down stream, as the lone survivor gathered his possessions. He was restless today, and adventure laid on the horizon, waiting for those ready to seek it.

    This survivor preferred to travel light. With nothing more than a knife, an axe, a fishing pole, and the clothes on his back, the survivor was always prepared to move. This was the life of the nomad. Always on the move, always searching for the next spot to settle for a little while. He went where life took him, whether good or bad. This philosophy has served him well for many years, and there was no reason to change it. Danger was all around, even in these seemingly peaceful moments. Mutant animals, roving bandits, and even Mother Nature herself were always challenging the survivors of this land. Massive bears roamed in packs, cats stalked in the shadows, even squirrels were dangerous these days. This is why the survivor was always wary.

    The survivor had heard rumors of long-forgotten settlements, abandoned by tribal societies. Great riches, guarded by the dead, and nature itself. Huge tribes atop massive piles of scrap... It reminded him of the cities of gold that he'd read about, how Spanish explorers searched for them. The survivor had hope that this journey, however, would end differently. And so, after catching a few fish, the survivor set out for an adventure that, little did he know, would change so much...

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    Very nice introduction. Looking forward to chapter 2

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    Story of a Survivor... (Continued)

    Chapter Two, NEVERMORE!:

    The survivor came to a stop near a town. He had traveled long through dense foliage and streams. In his journey, he has already faced many challenges... Forests teaming with mutated life and rough terrain. It was hard to think that this area had once been so different, back to a time when humans were the dominate life on this planet. It has been too long for the survivor to remember clearly what such a time was like, he was born at it's end. But this town, it made him feel nostalgic of those times. As he caught his breath, the survivor walked to the crudely cut hardwood gate, and knocked. After several minutes, a man came to answer his call. This man was tall, rough looking. His shoulders broader than the survivors legs were long. This man's muscles almost looked like stone, he has obviously been hardened by this life. As the survivor looked up, he saw the man's face. It was like the man was carved from the same wood as the gate, but with fur added. If the survivor didn't know any better, he would have thought this man was a wooden carving. This... man, spoke. The sound grating against the survivor's ears, the man asked, "Where have you come from, Traveler? You seem lost." The survivor responded in a calm voice, "I have traveled far across this land. May I be granted access to your town?". The man stared at the survivor for what seemed like an eternity, after which he spoke again with a slight smile on his face, "You shall be welcome here, friend. Welcome to the Raven's Moon, I am chieftain Willowhawk."

    As the survivor entered the settlement, he was amazed to find that this was no ordinary settlement. The buildings had been built both high in the trees, as well as on the floor of the forest. He was amazed to find armor smiths, weapon smiths, Fishmongers selling their wares. This settlement was thriving in the harsh forest! It's streets bustling with life! People from far and wide gathered here for trade, social events, and much more. The survivor had only heard of populations this dense in large settlements long ago. He remembered stories told to him in his childhood of "cities", where automated carts carried people across vast distances... this settlement was a city! The survivor was awestruck, he was given new hope, both in humanities ingenuity and determination, and that he was on the right track. If settlements such as this existed, there must be others that may be larger. But for now, he wanted to explore this settlement...

    Wondering the streets, the survivor saw something that caught his eye. A man and a woman were arguing. Typically, this wouldn't be that interesting, there are arguments all the time. What was surprising, however, was that the woman was wearing warrior armor, and brandishing a large pickaxe against the man, who was wearing what seemed like... grass? The man had a small blade, and seemed no match for the woman fully clad in bones and leather. The survivor was intrigued, he watched from the shadows as the action unfolded before him... The man was yelling at the woman and went to slash at her with his blade. The woman, unphased, grabbed the man's arm mid-swing and proceeded to open a can of Whoop Grass on him. She threw the man over her shoulder, breaking his wrist as he landed. As the man screamed out from the pain of just having his wrist broken, and probably a little from the humiliation of getting a beat down by a woman... The woman cracked her pickaxes blunt edge across his faced, rendering him unconscious. The woman then looked in the survivor's direction. The survivor was impressed. He walked towards this warrior-maiden, careful not to appear threatening. She just stood there, poker-faced, as this stranger from a distant land walked towards her. As the survivor reached the warrior-maiden, before he could speak a word, she spoke to him, "I have not seen your face here before, stranger. Is there something I can help you with?". Her voice was different than many of the people here, her hair a dark brunette. She was, as everyone else in this land, hardened by work and nature. She was about the survivor's size, her hair was short and unkempt, and her face was dirty and sun burnt. After a pause to think, the survivor spoke, "I was just wondering through, when I saw what you did... if it's not too much trouble, what's your name?". She only said one word, "Brynhildr", and walked away.

    The survivor met up with Willowhawk once more, to arrange a place to stay temporarily. The chieftain showed him to an older home in the back of the settlement. It was on the ground, crudely made, and didn't offer much in terms of creature comforts; but it was better than sleeping on the cold, hard ground one more night... After getting settled in, and making the building look more homely, the survivor wondered around the market for the remainder of the day. Night came swiftly, as the survivor was caught up in all the activities around the settlement. As the darkness descended upon the settlement, a bonfire was held in honor of the prosperity of the tribe. The survivor was invited by a strange man, and decided to attend. During the bonfire, the survivor saw the warrior-maiden. He walked up to her, and asked, "Hello again. Why did you leave so suddenly when we met?". She responded, "I'm sorry, I'm not really the 'social type', especially with strangers...". "Well, maybe we should get to know each other then.", the survivor said, with a smile. And get to know each other they did, as they talked, and shared stories until the bonfire ended. They bid farewell for the time being, and parted ways. The survivor retired to his chamber for a good night's sleep that he had not had for a long time... It was late. Very late. The man had been woken up from he slumber by a rapping, rapping on his chamber door. "Tis a visitor," he muttered, "tapping on my chamber door - only this, and nothing more.". The survivor stood up, and waited for his eyes to adjust to the darkness. Slowly, he dragged himself to the door, and turned the rough wooden handle... As the door opened, there stood Brynhildr. The survivor asked, "Brynhilder, what brings you here this late at night?", she only said, "This.", as she embraced the man, and then pecked him on the lips.

    And nothing more... The warrior-maiden stole away to the night, presumably back to where she lived, as the man stood there, dumb-struck. As the cold night air flowed around him, the man felt many emotions and thoughts rush through his mind at once, unsure what exactly just happened. After an unknown period of time, the survivor finally shut the door, and wandered back to bed. He would have to talk to her in the morning about this.

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    Story of a Survivor... (Continued Again)

    Chapter Three, REMNANTS OF THE PAST:

    Two weeks have passed since the survivor came to the Raven Moon tribe, and it has been an enjoyable time. The survivor has gotten to know Brynshildr, and has even convinced her to join him on his journey when he leaves. It has been long enough, though, of a stay. The survivor has lost track of time. His journey was behind track, and he had to get moving. The air was brisk in the morning light, the shaking and rustling of the trees let out of chorus for our hero, the survivor, as he and his new companion set out for adventure. The sounds of nature, of the birds chirping in tune with one another; the squirrels running through the canopy, the streams flowing through the land. It was fall now, and the trees were a vibrant array of colors. Though nature has changed much in such a short period of time, there was still a subtle beauty to it. It was one of the joys of being a nomad, being able to see nature like this, and how it changes in distant lands. The crunching of dried leaves and grass, and the occasional cobble of footstep on the roads as the travelers trekked across the land. Many days they spent under the moonlit sky. The chill of Winter was coming, though, and soon. Patches of white could be seen around the land. The survivor knew that he must carry on with more haste, or he would be marooned in winters cold embrace.

    It wasn't until after many days of traveling that the party came across a traveler, much like them. But he was not seeking fortune or fame, no, this traveler had a story to tell. The survivor approached the man, and got a good look at him. He wore a farmer's grass hat to block the sun from his eyes. His body was lean, and shorter than the survivor's. He had a small goatee and more a refined, almost curly mustache. His face was grim, his shoulders more narrow, and he wore little even though there was chill in the air. This man only carried a small cloth bag with him, almost like the survivor's, but more ornate. He took noticed of the parties arrival, and bowed. The survivor approached him, and said,"Hail traveler. What brings you to this part of the woods?". The traveler replied,"Hallo adventurers. Mah name's Dubhghall. Ah traveled far to seairch for mah kin.". Dubhghall regaled the party with his tale of how he became separated from his family, Dubhghall was born the bastard son of a businessman from days long past. He remembers the old age before the catastrophe, how cities made of steel and rock supported a population that choked the Earth. During the wars and aftermath that followed, somewhere along the way, he lost his family. He learned many skills during his search, and has often had to apply them. After weaving his tale, Dubhghall finally asked, "So, if ya dun mind mah askin'... Wha' brings ye tah aht here?". The survivor thought for a moment, then said, "We've traveled many days in search of the forgotten past. Of old ruins that could help us build a new future." The traveler looked calmly at the pair of wanderers, and spoke, "If ya be lookin' fer another on yer travels, Ah may be willin' tah travel with ya. It seems we're headin' da same direction anyways, so it seems na problem." The survivor absently nodded, and shook this man's hand.

    Even though they had just met, the survivor felt that he had made a new friend this day. And with that, his travels continued, ever onward to adventure.

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    First of all: Yay a story!!!!

    Secondly, it's quite entertaining and tells the (brief but rich) lore of the game well and mostly translates its feel, we can almost smell the autumn leaves.

    Thirdly, Brunhyldr is not my type but im happy for you two

    Keep it up and thanks for the show


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    Quote Originally Posted by LaoZi View Post
    First of all: Yay a story!!!!

    Secondly, it's quite entertaining and tells the (brief but rich) lore of the game well and mostly translates its feel, we can almost smell the autumn leaves.

    Thirdly, Brunhyldr is not my type but im happy for you two

    Keep it up and thanks for the show

    It's all fictional, hasn't happened really. I will probably explain Brunhylder later on in another chapter, but in #2, I really was just trying to fit another adventurer/love interest, while finishing the overall joke I had planned. But. Thanks for the compliments

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