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    Tribe Building Contest?

    It could be contest between tribes clans and homesteads to building the biggest baddest looking things out there!!

    They could rank it by tribe size homestead v homestead clan v clan and tribe v tribe if you like the idea talk to me lets see if we can get the guides going?

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    We have held these types of events before but unfortunately they aroused little interest among the community. However, if you were to get some players involved by encouraging them to post their entries here I'd be glad to help out with judging and/or prizes.

    I'll keep an eye on this thread! Good luck!
    --Guide Michael
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    I participated in the first event and would do it again.
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    Raven Moon has several new structures. If there is enough interest I'm sure we could offer some entries...

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    i would like to participate when i have something built.
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