Hi, i am currently downloading Xsyon, coming from Wurm Online (player for about year and a half, but got a little bored due to outdated graphics and since it's totally java it's not going anywhere else) so i'm looking for alternatives.
While visuals arent my priority, gameplay, social and depth is. So my questions are:
- How populated is Xsyon? Is there a "reasonable" people to interact with? Judging from the forums it's less active than Wurm, which is around 150-ish players per server (around 950-1100 per cluster) and besides the starting zones and villages Wurm is pretty solitary. However it's not an issue in Wurm, but i've read that you need people to get ANYTHING done in Xsyon.
- How deep is Xsyon? Being a Sandbox, you can specialize on it, or its just generic all-can-do?
- Is substantial content regularly added to Xsyon? I am willing to buy the game if i like it after i try it, but would like to know if its worth it, i know this is relative but would like to read opinions.
- What about PVP and PVE? Says it all.

Thanks in advance for your answers.