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    To start a homestead do i need to pay money?

    Hey sorry I'm new to the game and don't know much. I want to start a homestead for me and a friend and I wasn't sure if I have to be a P2P player or not. What are the benefits of P2P?

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    Yes you do have to be P2P to start a tribe. The other benifits is that you can build and teraform on your land also there is no skill cap and you can use the points you earn from lvling up.

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    For F2P players, or those just looking to test out some ideas, you are all welcome to have a go at terraforming and building at the Valorinak Republic Playground. It is a tribe to temporarily join, where you will be able to build and terraform unrestricted, to your hearts content. Come and go as you like, and everything you create will be temporary, so it is a way to get to try these key features of the game before deciding if you want to buy it.

    The Playground is sponsored by the Valorinak Republic so head over to us in zone 860 or give a shout out in game chat and we will arrange an invite for you.

    Everything you need to get started; Materials, Blueprints, Tools and Food, will be on trade totem nearby, so a new player or alt character can come empty handed and enjoy building straight away. Occasionally experienced players acting as instructors will be on hand.

    Welcome to the Playground at the Valorinak Republic, zone 860!

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