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    Exclamation Warrior's Village Trade Guide

    Warrior's Village Trade Guide

    You can contact *SaintZoilus* or *SaintNick* in game for Trades.
    We love to barter, haggle and accept a wide range of mats and resources.
    We also can offer work for those seeking currency, mats, resources or anything on this page.

    We accept these forums of Currency

    Nails: $2/each
    Dollar Bills: $1/each
    Quarters: $1/each
    Pennies: $1/each
    Beer Tabs: .50c/each
    Bottle Caps: .50c/each
    "GreenBack" bank Dollar Bills: $2/each

    At the moment we need and are Buying the below materals:

    Stainless/Titanium metal decorations: 2k/each (Prem 90+quality only)
    Small Metal Plates: $8/each (Any Quality)
    Dirt: $2/each
    (Any Quality 1000x min order)
    Mortar : $3/each (Any Quality 1000x min order)Sand: $2/each (Any Quality 1000x min order)
    Lime stone: $2/each
    (Any Quality 1000x min order)
    Low Obsidian: $5/each
    (50- Quality and below)
    Obsidian: $6/each
    (50+ Quality above)
    Grass Thread: $2/per 10
    (Any Quality 500x min order)
    Bones: $2/each (Any Quality, Any Type, NO SPINES)
    Hides: $6/each (Undissected ONLY, Any Type)
    Hide Scraps: $4/each (Undissected ONLY, Any Type)
    Innards: $8/each (Undissected ONLY, Any Type)
    Guts: $2/each (Any Type, Any Quality)
    Leather: $1/each (Any Type, Any Quality)
    Mule Deer Leather: $20/each (90+ Quality Only 1.00 power)
    Mutant Deer Leather: $100-250/each (90+ Quality Only .80 to 1.00 power)
    Shovel Heads: $25/each
    Pick Heads: $15/each
    Old Saw Blades: $50/each
    Rivets: $10/each ( 1.00 Fort, 75+ Quality Only)
    Rivets: $50/each ( 1.00 Fort, 90+ Quality Only)
    Craftknifes: $7/each (ql75+ any kind aside of Forager)
    Forager Craftknifes: $5/each (ql75+ Forager only)

    At the moment we are Selling the below materals and objects:

    Granite Stone: $2/each (5000 a bin)
    Premium Flat Bones: $6/each
    Premium Rib Bones: $5/each
    Premium Round Bones: $4/each
    Premium Small Bones: $3/each
    Premium Spine Bones: $2/each
    Supreme bones (message for type/prices/quality needed)
    Deer or Bear bones
    (message for type/prices/quality needed)

    5 Slot: $600 (Bonecrafters)
    5 Slot: $400 (Foragers or Pioneers)
    10 Slot: $1,000 (Foragers or Pioneers)
    10 Slot: $1,400 (Bonecrafters)
    15 Slot: $2,000 (Foragers or Pioneers)
    15 Slot: $2,400 (Bonecrafters)
    20 Slot: $3,400 (Foragers or Pioneers)
    20 Slot: $3,800 (Bonecrafters)

    Basic Wood Saw: $175
    Basic Bone Saw: $175
    Basic Leathercraft Tools: $75/each
    Basic Woodcraft Tools: $75/each
    Basic Weaponcraft Tools: $75/each
    Basic Toolcraft Tools: $75/each
    Basic Tailoring Tools: $75/each
    Basic Logging Tools: $75/each
    Basic Basketry Tools: $75/each
    Basic Mason Tools: $75/ea
    Basic Bonecraft Tools: $75/ea (Not Bone Saws)
    Basic Architecture Tools: $75/ea

    Basic Club: $25/each
    Basic Axes: $75/each
    Basic Blade: $150/each
    Basic Picks: $100/each
    Basic Shovel's: $200/each
    Very High Quality 75+ at double above prices
    Premium Quality 90+ at triple above prices
    Supreme Quality 100 at quad above prices

    (All armour is SUPREME 105+ QUALITY. Master sets are 110+)
    (Price depends on bones or leather used for higher stats. QL is same)
    Basic Bear Bone Armor: $5,000 to $10,000
    Artisan Bear Bone Armor: $10,000 to $15,000
    Master Bear Bone Armor: (Message SaintZoilus for Pricing)
    Basic Deer Bone Armor: $5,000 to $10,000
    Artisan Deer Bone Armor: $10,000 to $15,000
    Master Deer Bone Armor:
    (Message SaintZoilus for Pricing)
    Basic Leather Armor: $5,000 to $10,000

    Artisan Leather Armor: $10,000 to $15,000
    Master Leather Armor: (Message SaintZoilus for Pricing)

    Coming soon: Tailoring armour sets.
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    Nicely formatted list.
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    1.1 update.

    added bones and additional currency options
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    yall still active?
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