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Thread: Age in XSYON

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    Age in XSYON


    I created a character a few days ago, i didnt pay attention to the age and i moved it up all the way to 30 (from 20 i believe) to see if it had any effect on the physical/texture character model. It did not have any.
    However, after reading, i noticed that age have effect on gameplay, stat gains and skill balance, and that characters DIE of age, so technically i did created a guy with 10 years less from my design, so, should i reroll to make my age longer or is there a resurrection system? I can't find more info about aging death.


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    I believe that is an old concept that was never implemented. As far as I know age has no effect on character. Height however does have an effect on combat abilities such as longer reach but also makes you a larger target. Most people find greater height to be an advantage in combat due to the extra reach.

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