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    Team Time Battle Hosted by The Valorinak Republic ( Old Fallen Angels Saints)

    Hey all!
    I've noticed that we haven't had any events lately so I decided that my tribe will host an event!
    Event Description :
    Players will be split into even teams (number of teams depends on number of players).
    Each team will be required to gather a certain amount of items using the skills Scavenging, Resources and fishing.
    3 Items will need to be crafted after gathering the resources.
    All details on items required to win will be announced on the day as we would not want anyone pre gathering items.

    Players will be teleported to the event by the kind guides.
    The event is to give everyone a break from grinding certain crafts, fighting off revenants or getting lost in the mountains! All players are welcome ( Experienced or new players)
    New players please do not be afraid to participate in the event, the event is hosted for fun, participation rewards are available for new players!

    Time : Saturday 7th- Sunday 8th
    There will be no exact time as the event will be hosted when the largest amount of players are online.

    No PvP
    No looting
    No pre gathering certain resources ( There's no need for cheating guys!)

    High quality tools
    Specially crafted grass helms by our grass craftsman Zoormagoodness! ( yay)
    Depending on the amount of teams the winning team might take a 5 slot cart home each.

    See you at the event!

    Kind Regards,
    Tribe : Valorinak Republic

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    Just a reminder that the event will be held in a couple of hours.
    All are welcome and we would love to see you there!!

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    This is Thorgrim I had a great time thank you Zadocta.

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