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    Aspen Point Lighthouse

    I would like to announce that the Aspen Point Pyramid lighthouse is now completed and available for your viewing. Tours to go to the top and see the view south all the way past Mystery Island to the south shore of the lake! For our allies and other weary travelers swimming the lake, we have made two cabanas with sleeping mats and campfire for your rest and relaxation. So, whether you are tired from swimming to Founders and Quick Sam Totems and need to rest, or you would just like to enjoy the view, think of the Lighthouse as your Resort and Rest stop on the lake.

    I am trying to work out building a causeway road along the lake, but my first attempts have been thwarted by how much I can raise land below the lake. I have some other ideas I am working on, and I will be moving a construction totem to try them out. Our tribe has three subscription players and we are trying to find a niche here in the community. It is difficult to find things to do that is not on your tribal land, if you are not a hunter. However, we will be trying to make the area a better place if we can. Keep hoping that grass will regrow!

    Anyway, all of you take care, have fun and give us a visit. If we are online, we will feed you some fish!


    Kendall and Katarina, Keepers of the Aspen Point Lighthouse

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    Very nice work guys. I love seeing the projects like this come around.

    Can you take some screenshots for us? Maybe even Xsyon can put them on the screenshots gallery.

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    OHHH yeah could have some value both inside and outside the game. ;-)

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    Where is it? I am not seeing a location in your post. Is it near Quicksam's trading post? Screenies would be nice.
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