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    Join the Valorinak Republic today!

    The Valorinak Republic offers a fun, encouraging and active environment for any player to thrive in.
    You will experience all aspects of the game, this includes trading, crafting, resourcing, building, socializing, hunting, zombie hunting (rev's) and pvp ( if any of our members are attacked for no reason and looted).
    We are a multicultural tribe which encourages any players with limited English to join our tribe as we don't mind putting in the time to work through a language barrier.
    Also the leaders of the tribe are Australian so if any auzzies want to join for timezone purposes then feel free to contact us.
    The Valorinak Republic is allied with multiple tribes, many of the tribes in our area are allied with us so this makes the area for you to live in even safer! We have a good relationship with many players and guides. We do not have any clear enemies so you will not have to worry about watching your back all the time. A big positive to this tribe is the good trade relations we have with other tribes, these relations will allow you to get any item for a fair price and guaranteed safety when trading.

    We currently have around 6 very active players and 3 others which log in every couple of days. We might not be the biggest tribe in area wise however a large percentage of the tribe is actually active and will help you with any task. The community is great, our range of diverse personalities can make even the simplest of tasks fun ( picking grass ). If one person offers to go hunting and asks for assistance you will most likely end up with a party to tag along in your hunting trip. Our members are very kind to each other and always want to assist one and other in advancing their crafts.

    With new members we offer advanced tutorials which will have you feeling confident about playing.

    The Valorinak Republic is located on the east side of the map ( Zone 860, and 861 along the shore). The tribe is located 20 seconds north of the Glenbrook spawn, so if you are starting a new character and are looking to join us then it is best to spawn at Glenbrook.
    If our tribe interests you then reply to this thread or private message ZaDocta, Reaptrocity or Zoormagoodness ingame ( all different people).
    We would love to have you!


    These are the main active players excluding one other new badass girl :P
    Don't worry the naked guy on the ground usually wears cloths

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    Yesterday one of our members hit a big milestone, as a free to play he managed to slay a 300 hp deer with me.
    Verano hasn't been playing that long but he has advanced well in our tribe. Congratz Verano for slaying your first big game animal
    Also just an update on the activity of our tribe. We have around 4 - 5 solid everyday players and about 5 other players who log on every couple of days or so. Last night we had 9 people online and the atmosphere was great, we couldn't have this kind of tribe without you guys ! (Verano, Fuggle, Plykin, clementosh, Michelle, Leetake, Reaptrocity).

    Welcome to our newest members HeisenburgII and WindStorm. Windstorm found the ad here on the forums and she was welcomed into our tribe with open arms. She chose us so, why don't you ?

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    After running around for a couple of days I found this tribe and joined. I have been having the BEST time in a game that I've had in several years. These guys have a great sense of humor and loads of patience for us newbies. We've been taken out hunting, shown where all the good loot is and yes, even a naked guy running around and levitating when ZaDocta wasn't on. (Shhh don't tell him).

    Come join us, we are having sooo much fun.

    (the village gimp)

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    Hi all I joined Zadocta's tribe about a week ago and I'm having a blast Za, Reap and Zoom along with the others have been really helpful since I joined. That's what we are a friendly tribe that helps each other out I highly recommend it to new and experienced players as you would have loads of fun.

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    Hey guuuuys! laura here, Liara ingame. This is my second day after finding Xsyon! As a new player I was completely overwhelmed by the indepth of this game, then I came across this bunch of scally wags O This tribe has helped me allot, learning the ropes and such, it is soooooo friendly and laid back, the members are fantastic, period!. To be honest this tribe is the very reason I decided to upgrade my account to a premium because being with them makes this game so frigin fun! For what its worth from a newbie like me, new players and veterans alike, check this tribe out its very friendly and active.. Stop by our camp be it for a drink or a dance

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    Achieved more than expected in this tribe on my first day. Got help from Verano. Also went hunting for 'wabbids as a pack :3

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    i play now about a week and i joined this tribe from the first day i played,so helpfull and friendly are the people in this tribe,i reccomanded this to anyone who is new and wanted to be helped to start to play and have fun,and for sure we have a lot fun greetings from suzy,i hope to meet you soon

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    First of all this isn't some "oh my god join these guys they are the greatest, post", it's a straight forward no bs post from someone who has played quite a few MMO's and several of them being sandbox based. If you are looking for a great group of people to hang out, craft, hunt, build, and just overall enjoy this game with... I can honestly say you'd have a hard time finding anyone better than the people within this tribe. I have been on this game for about 4 or so days now and it has been the smoothest and easiest transition I have ever made into a new game. They are active, helpful, and don't mind taking some time to teach new members not only how to be successful, but more importantly how to enjoy what this game has to offer. So seriously whether you are a new player looking for a place to start, or a seasoned veteran looking for some new company... send ZaDocta, Reaptrocity or Zoormagoodness a whisper about joining and I can guarantee that you will not regret you did.

    ~ Tefached - Proud "New" member of the Valorinak Republic
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    I had my first few hours in the game yesterday, and I just wanted to thank this friendly tribe for the welcome and all of the help. Thanks to HawkTalons (did I get your name right?) in particular for being so generous with their time getting me started in a game that isn't particularly easy to get to know in its first few hours.

    It was great to see tribe chat so active, too; very helpful, friendly and fun.

    See you in game!


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    I suppose that you're staying on the pvp server?

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