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    The Christmas Event Has Begun

    Santa has placed 12 gifts around the Xsyon world today and passed off the zones that he hid them in. Each gift is inside a Christmas Sack, these are red in color and very easy to see and differentiate from our normal green bins. Each lucky person who finds a Christmas Sack will also get a recipe of their choosing, please let me know in game or via the forum about which one you want.

    The zones are as follows:
    977 - Found
    982 - Found
    742 - Found
    895 - Found
    779 - Found
    1057 - Found
    657 - Found
    701 - Found
    1060 - Found
    862 - Found
    737 - Found
    864 - Found

    Please post here with the zone number you found a Christmas sack in and we'll verify and mark it off the list. The sacks are yours when you find them, so please take them.

    Happy Christmas everyone and have a great New Years.
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    982 found around 550 550 ish top of a hillock.
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    779 found nestled amongst some rocks


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    862 Found purely because i went off course into zone 822, then when just entering the correct zone i found it by a river.

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    864 found, Under a massive boulder which protected a clearing, one of the most unfound spots in the game probs.

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    657 Found (Between two pine trees).
    Would love to get the Scavenger Western Gate BP if possible and Thanks!


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    Quote Originally Posted by ZaDocta2299 View Post
    864 found, Under a massive boulder which protected a clearing, one of the most unfound spots in the game probs.
    Aye, and I like finding those types of spots. The other gift that was like the one you found is in another spot just like it that many may never find like it in the game.

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    701 found on top of the highest mountain in that zone, happy hunting to everyone else! and I hope some1 finds that other one Xaphen

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    737 found in that remote spot you mentioned above. Was very cool. I would like a Gadu Cage Gate bp if possible please. And thank you for an awesome event. This is Kethinon in game.

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    christmas event whooot, pfff just a normal working day here.

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