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    The 1st Great Rev Hunt of 2014

    For 2 Nights Raxmus had pleaded for help with the 350hp revs hounding him at his lone totem, offering to pay to have them removed. Jael decided to answer the call and thought if he could get 4 hunters that possibly the revs, and the threat they posed could be vanquished..... Primation joined in the hunt......that made 2..... ZaDocta joined the hunt..... only needed one more..... Willowhawk declared that she was willing to cross all of Xsyon to help combat the Rev Threat..... next thing you know Diabo joined in...... GuideForcas offered ports to any and all wishing to participate.... Shikolti answered the call..... Reaptrocity answered the call.....Hawktalons answered the call...... next thing you know 10 hunters were scouring the area in 1019 .... the first 5 Revs fell in very short order. Then a Bear wandered in to the hunting group.... actually i think Shikolti lured it in..... a Pitbull was swept up..... All in all to my knowledge 2 pitbulls, 2 Black Bears, and at least 10 Revs were beaten back in very short order..... If i missed your name and you participated then please post here.... also submit links to any screenshots you may have taken...

    Be on the lookout for the 2nd Great REv Hunt of 2014....
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ID:	441 This is same as above....

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    Glad you can now live in peace Can you also add HawkTalon to list? and maybe if we have more hunts list the tribes and hunters from those tribes who turned up At that rev hunt we had 3 from the Valorinak Republic

    Kind regards,

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    OHH ...... Nice screenies Primation.... I like how you got some many hunters in one pic... and some dead revs too..... ;-)

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    OHH yes Hawktalons answered the call....... also.... in fact he is in that last Screenie!!!! ;-)

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    I was proud to be able to assist this most noble and worthy hunt in even the small way I did. Before my eyes, I had the pleasure of watching a group of very diverse and very skilled hunters, from various tribes and nationalities, come together, community merging and blending, in support of one of your own. It was moving. It was special. This team of skilled hunters quickly accomplished what one member of the community could not alone.

    This is Xsyon, this is what happens on the green mist shrouded shores of Lake Tahoe. It is moving to see such devotion, such community and such skill. I am honored to be allowed to support such a wondrous place and such an impressive and dedicated community. I can only hope I am there to assist with the 2nd Great Rev Hunt of 2014 provided it occurs. I think it will simply because someone will need you and, as the Xsyon community, you will hear their need and respond as you have before.

    Thank you for shaping Xsyon and building this community and atmosphere. You are what makes being a Guide such a pleasure and an honor.

    With the utmost respect...

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