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    Trade Totem Expiration

    Apparently we missed the memo on trade totem items expiring. I just found out that we lost a small fortune in Armor, Tools and supplies because everything expired and vanished off the trade totem. For those who do use the trade totems and also missed the memo, everything expires in 800 game days.

    This does not work for us. At the least there should be a message saying that items are soon to expire.

    Due to this fact Raven Moon will no longer use trade totems, all trades in person only.

    Yes this was a rant, we didn't deserve this.

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    Yeah, IS found this out the hard way also a while back.

    You have to repost it remove them or lose them after 800 game days.

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    Ouch - thanks for the warning.

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    This also happened to me quite a while ago,maybe i should have put a post on the forum

    I did say ingame at the time ;/ happened back in Nov, i raised a ticket got the following reply.

    "..... Items expire and are deleted if not collected after 800 game days.
    This was set up so that trade totems don't get stuck full of unclaimed items.

    I've taken a note to make this more clear to players when I set up a tutorial
    and more tool tips / in game information. This will come directly after farming
    and cooking are implemented.

    I may also set up a way for a player to 'refresh' the item's timer without taking
    the item off the totem and putting it up for sale again."

    So Xyson MAY put in a refresh button which would help things
    but still means you have to keep an eye on the totem.

    Apologies for not making more noise at the time it happened so more players were aware.

    The way I run trade totems now is to try to check at least once a week and relist stuff
    that is close to expiring. the refresh or relist button would help in speeding that process up.


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    Soooo.. if anyone wants to buy my weapons, msg me in game. I will only do in-person trades. I am really really not happy that nobody told us that trade totems work this way. There is nothing on the totem that says "Expires in x days". I mean, really, it tells you how many days it has been on there, so why not just change that to an expiration. I think we just need to do away with the trade totems, which are for the most part pretty silly anyway and put in place a global auction. Now that would really get an economy going. And if something expires, whether auction or trade, the player should get it back. Items should not just disappear! The worst part is that the information was not disseminated to all players. I want my stuff back.
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    It was posted in the patch notes when they put it in, but like you said having a tool tip or a warning would be great.

    I do not want to see a global auction, the current system isn't the issue, it's really the lack of any type of signs or ways for players to know what to look for, they have no idea on the mini map where a trade totem is. Players would have to left click to select it to even see the name, plus right click it to really see what it does, if they happen to be near one.
    Local trading is great for the economy, lack of ways to move items sucks. Death porting is still really the only option to move heavy items over a zone or 2.

    I don't see a problem with things expiring after 3 months real time either, most games items expire long before that, I can understand why the need for an expiring system.

    I mostly use my trade totem to show people prices of items, and sell gear that people ask for without having to be online or do the trade in person.
    Biggest issue I have is that trade totems only accept 1 type of currency at a time. So if someone wants to buy a 10k item, they can't have 5k dollars, 5k quarters. They must have 10k of the same currency and has to be the same currency the trade totem/tribe has set.
    I would much rather see 1 currency, and use the other 4 currencies for denominations. IE dollar = 1$, bottle cap = 5$, beer tab = 100$ etc. Change the drop chance, and replace all in game currency with the basic value of the items.
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    One currency would be fine. Just change it all to dollars or whatever. I don't mind the current currency system, but it is kind of pointless to have 5 different currencies all the same value. I don't care about having denominations though. And yes, the totem needs to notify the players that their stuff just disappears. It should be very clear, and all they had to do was have the timer count down and tell the player the item expires in 800 days when they post it.

    Trade totems are a failed idea in my opinion. There are too many and they are all spread out and most of them don't have any items on them, so it is a waste of time even looking.
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    You won't be happy with a global auction either, as it will come down to the lowest person every time, which means people will likely be giving it away, and you wont sell anything. Also making another issue of items being "mailed" magically to the person somehow.

    Totems works fine, EVE does this same system we have here, only with known locations of trade hubs. The reason why most totems are empty isn't because totem's don't work, its all the other reasons economy doesn't work. Lack of drive to buy, craft, move, use, rarity etc. Economy in Xsyon is lacking big time and needs a lot of work.

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    Yes, it is called supply and demand. That is how economy works. People won't sell stuff for nothing, because it wouldn't be worth it, and that supply would be depleted quickly enough. If somebody wants to make what I can and sell it for nothing, more power to them. I will keep my stuff for my tribe. I sell very little anyway since it is just a hassle to do so with very little return. Let them buy it from IS. Who cares? Trade totems were not the answer though.. they were supposed to fix the economy. They didn't.
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    Trade totems were not meant to fix the economy, not 1 thing will "fix" the economy. Its a series of things.

    Demand in Xsyon is low, while supply is very very high. That is just the basics. Many things need to happen to help change the economy. Going to a global auction house changes many aspects of the economy that I would think over be bad. Just like deathport trading is bad for it.

    "Victorious warriors win first and then go to war, while defeated warriors go to war first and then seek to win."

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